THOM KELLY || Eco-Friendly Flannels For All Seasons
I knew I was going to own a THOM KELLY button up from the moment I hit "follow" on their newly -up feels well-made, from the fabric, to the buttons and stitching. THOM KELLY produces in the USA love it so much. The Details: For their first collection, THOM KELLY released their Sawyer Shirt THOM KELLY || Eco-Friendly Flannels For All Seasons using values I could completely respect. Enter THOM KELLY. If you want to learn more about the thom kelly share a lot about "investment pieces" on SL&Co. and, as luxurious as THOM KELLY's shirts may seem
Introducing THOM KELLY || Meet the Founder
. Despite the many road blocks that come with launching a USA-made, eco-friendly company, Thom Kelly launched Megan and her sustainable-dream-project, THOM KELLY: What inspired you to create THOM KELLY? Tell . THOM KELLY is a mix of our names. When I first said it out loud we both knew it felt right. It’s interview bloomed out of a relationship just like that. I've been following along with THOM KELLY's journey Introducing THOM KELLY || Meet the Founder behind Thom Kelly, and (probably too often) let her know how excited I was for her brand's launch
VETTA Capsule || The Casual Capsule
white tee, or even over a long sleeve button-up for cooler weather (see an example in my THOM KELLY review
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& Darling Kestan Everything Else: Toad & Co. Tradlands Tonle Bibico THOM KELLY YSTR Clothing . Everything Else: Thought THOM KELLY Faherty Brand Symbology Clothing Alternative Apparel Goose Organic
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