Tips For Creating A Winter Capsule Wardrobe

It's that time again! I love sharing my capsule wardrobes on the blog because I feel like each season they get better and more "me" — documenting them is kind of like a mini-journal entry for me. More than that though, I hope that actually getting to see my full capsule gives you a sense of confidence that you can create a capsule that works for your lifestyle too. 

This winter capsule was difficult for me, I'll be honest (hence why I'm posting it at the end of January instead of in December). Lots of the pieces are ones I kept from last season, but that also meant that I had lots of gaps to fill (and still do) so the capsule doesn't feel quite "complete" to me yet. But, since winter is *kind of* almost over, I'm going to make a list of pieces I still would like, and start focusing on choosing pieces for my Spring/Summer capsule (which is WAY smaller than this one at the moment...yikes...)

But before we get to the actual capsule, I wanted to share a few tips for creating your own winter capsule that have been particularly helpful for me this season. 

For many people, creating a cohesive wardrobe in the colder months is much more difficult than during the spring/summer months. These five must-know tips will help you make sure you curate a wardrobe you love all winter long and aren't stuck daydreaming of sunshine and the beach.

1. Be Practical

Winter can be long. If you're stocking your closet with pieces that aren't practical for the cold (or not-cold, depending on where you live,) you'll get fed up with your wardrobe within a few weeks. Similarly, consider what you do from day to day and buy pieces that truly fit that lifestyle. As a work from home mom of two toddlers, the majority of my pieces can be worn at home comfortably, with the occasional trip to the grocery store thrown in for fun. 

I've learned that it just doesn't make sense for me to buy things that I can't wear on a day to day basis. 

Your lifestyle might require a different style than mine, but when you go to choose pieces, or replace old ones, think practically. 

2. Pick a Color Scheme

In the past, I wasn't super mindful of the color scheme of my closet. This time around, I started considering it about halfway through planning, so it's not as cohesive as I'd like. But you can still pick up on the grey, green, burgundy, tan, and black theme I've got going on. Also, next winter I plan to lighten it up a bit ;) 

3. Numbers Aren't The End Game

There are lots of "how to build a capsule" posts out there that focus on numbers. 37 or 40 or 20 or even 10. But I've learned that from season to season and person to person, putting a restriction on the number of pieces you own will generally take all of the fun out of capsule-ing and make it far more regimented than it's meant to be. 

Instead, be mindful of each piece you buy, ensuring that it truly fills a gap in your wardrobe and isn't a repeat of something you already have. 

4. Choose Pieces That Layer Well

Winter is the season of layers. While crop tops and tees aren't typical winter-wear, I've included them in my capsule because I'm obsessed with layering them under my sweaters or on top of a dress. Layering can add interest to otherwise basic pieces and it's become my best friend this year. 

5. Keep a list

This isn't specific to winter, but after nearly two years of capsule-building I can say that keeping a running list on your phone or in your planner of pieces you want/need will save you from buying duplicates or things you don't really need. If it isn't on your list, don't buy it. Take the time to map out your capsule ahead of time and take stock of the pieces you have currently. Then, write down any pieces you'd like to fill the gaps. I'm going to be implementing this big time for spring and I'm excited to create a much more cohesive capsule. 

And now, my winter capsule. It's small, I'll warn you. Next year it will likely be bigger since I've cut so many pieces out this year and only replaced a few. But it's been an awesome experiment with styling pieces in ways I wouldn't have normally thought of. 


— Chambray: Pre-ethical shopping from Target — Flannel: thrifted — Flannery Turtleneck: Amour Vert from IMBY 

— White basic tee: Threads 4 Thought — Black Basic tee: Stormie Dreams — Burnt Orange tee: pre-ethical shopping from H&M — Striped boxy crop: Stormie Dreams — Graphic tee: AllKiind

Sweaters & Cardi's:

— Beige cardi: ASOS from ThredUP — Tribal cardi: pre-ethical shopping from F21 — Burgundy sweater: pre-ethical shopping from H&M Conscious — Tan sweater: Thrifted Gap from Instagram shop — Green cropped sweater: Thrifted Zara from IG shop — Graphic Sweatshirt: Sudara (post)


— Mauve tunic: Conrado (post) — Black tight dress: Amour Vert from ThredUp  — Olive Turtleneck swing dress: Elegantees for Dressember (Post) — Black shift dress: Sotela


— Black jeggings: Free People from ThredUp — Joggers: Seamly (currently 50% off!) — Denim jeggings: IMBY         — Jeans: Madewell from ThredUp — Black Leggings: Girlfriend Collective


— Green wrap coat: pre-ethical shopping from F21 — Grey Snowboard Jacket: The North Face — Parka: Pre-ethical shopping from Macy's — Black Vest: pre-ethical shopping (it was a gift so I'm not sure where it's from)

Do you have a capsule this winter? What are a few of your staple pieces?