Why Dressember?


Because my voice, my actions, my limitations, have power. 

Because I want my daughters to grow up knowing that they can take a stand too, even if they feel powerless. 

Because awareness is the most powerful way to create real change. 

Because sex trafficking happens in my town. 

It happens in your town. 

Because everyone should know the signs

Because fashion should be a force for good, not for harm. 

Because no one's hands should touch anyone's body without their permission. 

Because a dress is a small sacrifice to make. 

Because 1 in 6 runaway children will be trafficked. 

Because 4.5 million men women and children are trapped in sexual exploitation globally. 

Because a dress can make a difference. 

Because I can't stay quiet. 

Dressember starts tomorrow. I've already been talking about it quite a bit, but in case you're wanting to learn more, below are a few helpful resources and past blog posts I've written on the subject. 

All month long, I'm opening up my blog as a platform for anyone to share their "why" behind Dressember and to answer what freedom means to them. Please consider sharing your story. Fill out this form to submit: http://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/3920385/Dressember-2017-Sign-Ups