WAMA Hemp Underwear & the Time I Sold Out


I remember the first time I realized I was headed in the "fashion blogger" direction. After years of blogging about my motherhood journey, venturing into DIY/recipe/everything else territory, and stumbling upon minimalism and ethical fashion somewhere along the way, I never expected fashion to be a part of my "professional journey". I remember telling myself that the day I posted photos of myself on the internet in underwear was the day I officially sold out. 

Well, friends, for better or worse, today is that day. 


Although, I hope in a tasteful way, this step is scarier for me than it is for you, trust me. 

I don't have a perfect body (whatever that means). But, I do know that vulnerability is necessary, and although I don't plan to "strip down" more than this for the sake of promoting anything, sometimes it helps to see a real product on a real person's body. Not just on a model on a website. 

And when I come across a brand like WAMA, selling ethical, sustainable, comfortable, and practical undies, I can't help but rave about them. 

WAMA designs high coverage women's underwear and men's boxer briefs using what many argue is the world's most sustainable fabric: hemp. 

Why Hemp? 

Really, a better question is to ask "why not hemp"? And it's not because I've recently become a Colorado resident - I'd love hemp either way. WAMA noted that when they learned about the insane amount of benefits of hemp, they couldn't justify using anything else. Here's a quick snippet of why hemp is one of the most sustainable fabrics out there: 

  •  It's naturally anti-bacterial, moisture-wicking, and anti-odor
  • It gets softer with every wash, instead of worn out or rough (and trust me, it's already soft to begin with)
  • According to Good On You, it can even protect from UV rays
  • Hemp is incredibly easy to grow, not requiring use of pesticides or chemicals AND it retains the majority of the nutrients it absorbs from the soil
  • Hemp grows quickly, in small, dense areas, and requires less water and square-footage than cotton

And no, it doesn't have the same effects as it's "bad boy cousin" marijuana. Don't worry, mom. 



Of course, WAMA isn't the only company using hemp. However when it comes to hemp underwear, they've worked hard to make sure their brand stands out from anything else out there. They spent years developing a design that would flatter all body types, work well under clothing, and have the credentials to back it up. 

WAMA uses GOTS Certified hemp, is a Green America Certified Business, and is 100% vegan. Their factory is based in China, the leading producer of hemp, believe it or not, and to ensure sustainability and that the people making their garments are treated with dignity and respect, one of their team members is located in China to perform regular audits.  

Sustainability. Transparency. Comfort. Body inclusivity. 

If those four things aren't worth "selling out" for, then my baby blogger self knew nothing. 

Want to try WAMA for yourself? 

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*This post is in partnership with WAMA Underwear. All photos and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make this blog possible!*