VETTA Capsule || The Casual Capsule


In the three-ish years that I've been blogging as a job (or in that general direction), the vast majority of the brands I've worked with have been "one and done" - not due to negative experiences or inauthentic reviews, but because that's just how partnerships usually work in the blogging world. Brands hope for an "exposure blast" and influencers get to make connections and review really amazing products. 

But after a while, it gets increasingly difficult to be creative with "one and done" reviews. Over the past year or so, I've worked hard to shift my focus to longer term partnerships, giving brands I truly love increased exposure, more authentic reviews and photography, and of course, forming a genuine relationship with them and their pieces. 

VETTA Capsule has slowly but surely become one of those brands. As my third season partnering with them rolls around, I'm equally honored to showcase The Casual Capsule as I was the very first time Cara emailed me. 


You can read all about them in my first and second reviews, but in case this is your first time encountering the beauty that is VETTA, here a few reasons I've decided to work with them time and time (and time) again. 

Why Shop VETTA? 

  • Responsible Production: All of VETTA's woven pieces (like the Boyfriend Shirt and Apron Jumpsuit I'm wearing in today's post) are sourced, cut, and sewn in a family-owned factory in NYC. Their knit products and t-shirts are produced in ethical factories in LA. 
  • Sustainable Fabrics: Since the beginning, VETTA has used deadstock fabric for their collections, saving excess fabric from landfill. They've recently added sustainable materials like Tencel and organic cotton to their lineup. Both of the pieces I'm wearing from the Casual Capsule are made of Tencel. 
  • Versatile Design: VETTA's pieces are designed to be capsule wardrobe essentials, which means they're the perfect pieces to own if you're looking for quality over quantity. Each piece can be worn in multiple ways, in multiple seasons, and mixed and matched with other pieces in the collection.

The Pieces: 

1. The Apron Jumpsuit


I've officially declared this summer the summer of jumpsuits, and after slipping into The Apron Jumpsuit from VETTA's surprise summer capsule, my resolve is only strengthened. In stark contrast to my other "staple jumpsuit" from Sotela (a short sleeve skinny leg jumpsuit), this piece features a wide-leg, apron style straps, and a back tie that can be tied three different ways (at least). 

I'm head over heels for this sweet piece. The material (Tencel) is sturdy, thick without feeling heavy, and easy to care for. It has the perfect drape and layers over and under other pieces extremely well. 

The jumpsuit is (mostly) bra friendly - the open back tying can be hard to disguise certain bras, but tying it in other ways easily covers the back of a bra. The jumpsuit looks adorable styled over a white tee, or even over a long sleeve button-up for cooler weather (see an example in my THOM KELLY review from last week).  

(Sizing notes: I'm wearing a size 4 and am 5'6" and 135-ish lbs)

2. The Boyfriend Shirt


Another elevated basic that can be worn all year long, the Boyfriend Shirt can be styled with the buttons in the front or in the back. It is made of the same sturdy, soft Tencel as the Jumpsuit, but comes in either washed navy or black and white stripe. 

The shirt is rather long, so you can wear it untucked over a pair of skinnies, unbutton the bottom buttons and tie it up like I have, or tuck it in for a cropped look. 

(Sizing notes: I'm wearing a size small. It's meant to be intentionally oversized, so I would order true to size for this piece). 

VETTA is one of the few brands that is hard to match when it comes to quality, transparency, versatility, and timelessness. I've had a brand crush on them for years and don't see it ending anytime soon. 


**This post was sponsored by VETTA Capsule - all opinions are my own. Photography by Jones & Co. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Simply Liv & Co. possible!**)