An Interview with Urban Rustle || Sustainable Jewelry with Personality

As the craziness of our "moving season" (because it has truly taken an entire season to get the whole process sorted out) hopefully comes to an end, I can't wait to start introducing some of the brands I've been chatting with for the past few months. It's been a while since the last interview on SL&Co, and I'm excited to break the silence with a peek into Urban Rustle, a sustainable jewelry brand based in Sydney, Australia. 

Anna, the founder, designer and one woman show behind the brand, strives to mesh nature with modern fashion. Her primary material is ethically sourced and processed wood, but she also uses organic cotton and leather. The pieces are as unique as her process is too — a quick browse through her online shop reveals designs that simultaneously quirky, cute, and thought provoking. 

I noticed her mountain stud earrings when AJ and I were taking the first steps in our move back to CO. The beautiful Rockies fill us both with nostalgia, awe, creativity and a natural feeling of "home" that is hard to forget. These sweet little studs were a bit of a promise to myself that we would make the move happen- and every time I wear them, I'm reminded of just how close we are to realizing that dream. 

Anna also sent over her sleepy fox studs and one of her gorgeous geometric necklaces, both of which add a (usually needed) pop of character into my neutral wardrobe. 

Along with using ethically sourced materials for her designs, Anna is intent on making her brand as eco-friendly as possible. She's recently switched to using biodegradable packaging, recyclable plastic when necessary, and sourcing her materials locally. 

Take a deeper look into Urban Rustle with this fun interview, and when you're done, go browse her gorgeous selection of jewelry, totes, apparel, and accessories. Don't be surprised if you find a new favorite (hint, hint, Frida Kahlo studs ;). 

Can you introduce yourself in a few sentences?

I’m Anna, founder and creative of the brand Urban Rustle.  I like to think of myself as a “maker”, more than anything else. You’re most likely to find me in my studio making it art, jewelry, clothing.

What is the story behind Urban Rustle? 

The idea of the name Urban Rustle originated from one of my favourite places in the world - New York’s Central Park.  I loved that despite all the construction Manhattan has seen since the early 20th century, the scale of the urban park hasn’t changed.  To me, it represents the ideal relationship between man and nature, one of harmony and balance.

My desire to launch my own brand largely stemmed from my frustrations of the current state of the fashion industry, namely the “fast fashion” phenomenon.  It really saddens me that people think throwing out clothes or cheap jewelry after a year of use is normal.  

 My mother has a lean wardrobe but in it you'll find pieces she's kept for years...and still in pretty darn good condition.  Why aren’t things made to last anymore? 

The mission behind Urban Rustle is to create high quality, beautiful products for the conscious consumer who wants to know more than just an item’s price - they want to know who, where, and how it was manufactured.

What is one thing you wish ethical consumers knew? 

Something I definitely wish ethical consumers knew is how much power and influence there is in each and every purchase they make.  When you choose to buy sustainable or ethical fashion, you’re making the conscious decision to source clothes knowing that its manufacturing involved serious social and/or environmental considerations. Fast fashion may cost little in monetary terms to consumers in developed nations, but what about its other costs?

How has owning a business changed you? 

 I've had to become a bit more organized in the way I work.  This has definitely been a challenge, I mean I'm naturally a messy creative!

I think the media often glamorizes the idea of launching and running a business, particularly when it involves fashion.  The truth of the matter is, it takes a lot of hard work to run a business.  You really need the tenacity and passion to make it work.

I highly admire my father who started up his own business in his late twenties, and still running successfully four decades later.  He’s nearing retirement age but I don’t think he’ll ever completely stop, purely because he loves his job.  That’s the other thing about running your own business, you absolutely need to love what you do.

Tell us a few quirky things about you ;) 

I start each and every morning with a hot cup of black coffee.  

I’m happiest when I’m in my studio, making something with my hands.

I’ve lived in New York and Tokyo, but my roots are in Sydney, Australia.  This is where I think I’ll be for the next few years, but who knows?

I'm left handed.  My mother tried to convert me, but I was one stubborn 2 year old apparently!

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