Traveling Light || How To Pack For A Week Away

One of the most frequent questions I'm asked is tips for packing light for a trip. As an ex-over-packer, I've drastically changed my habits when it comes to packing for a trip and I thought I'd share the process I use that works for me and encourages me to pack less, instead of grabbing half my closet and throwing it into a suitcase (or two) just in case. 

My hubby, kiddos, and I are currently in CO (our future home — yay!) for my little brother's graduation and so it was the perfect opportunity to share exactly how I packed. 

If you're an over-packer, you NEED to read this post about how to outfit plan for your travels and pack LESS.

1. Outfit plan your entire trip:

Once I started outfit planning for my trips away, no matter how long or short, packing got 100 times easier. 

I use a pretty simple process to plan my outfits: 

  • Draw a grid or use a calendar to map out when you'll be gone. 
  • Check the weather for each day and write it down on the appropriate day. 
  • Write your tentative plan for each day. 
  • Pick your pieces and make outfits for each day. 

Now, more about how to actually pick what to bring.


2. Choose pieces that you love to wear

Although traveling is the perfect time to test out the more "risky" pieces in your closet, the majority of what you pack should be essentials that you love wearing. 

3. Choose versatile pieces to save room and make more outfits

Choosing pieces that can mix and match will both save room in your suitcase and make combining your pieces into outfits much easier. 

4. Consider color scheme

If your colors don't flow well, you won't want to wear anything. Choose basics with a few statement colors and patterns. 

5. Rely On Accessories

Accessories can be huge for bringing fewer pieces. You can add a hat or scarf to an outfit and transform it into something new. Bring a few options for shoes and a few key accessories and you're all set!

What are your best packing tips?