Transitioning From Summer To Fall With Sweet Lupine


It's been my goal for a few months to curate a general "all seasons" capsule-ish wardrobe to use all year round. Of course, living in a very seasonal climate (80's in the summer and -30 in the winter...) that's not completely possible. But my goal is to gather a closet full of pieces I can wear all year, with a few truly seasonal investment pieces that will last me for years thrown in when I can afford to do so. 

When Amanda of Sweet Lupine reached out to me to work together on a blog post, I initially thought of choosing pieces to feature on our trip to California last month (definitely a summer themed post). However, after I got back and we settled into our new home, I realized that the pieces I had chosen from her shop were actually much more versatile than I had expected. 

But before I rant on about versatility (because, don't I always?), you should know a bit about Sweet Lupine. Founded by a mother daughter team, the brand focuses on affordability, sourcing their pieces from brands who produce ethically and as eco-friendly as possible. The majority of their pieces are made in the US, with a select few made by artisans in Haiti and India. Armed with the belief that empowered women wearing beautifully made designs can change the world, Sweet Lupine hopes to add effortless beauty to your life through their carefully curated picks. 

I chose the Salmon Pocket Dress (which comes in two colors and is only $36, such a refreshing price to see on a US made dress) and the floral kimono, envisioning throwing them on effortlessly for walks on the beach, or pairing the ensemble with wedges for a night out. But both pieces turned out to be much more versatile than I expected. 

If you saw my packing post from our trip, you'll know that I wore both the pocket dress and the floral kimono on both plane rides. The pieces were that comfortable and made me feel like I put some effort into my "airport attire" instead of opting for leggings and a tee, like I normally do. 

During our trip, I wore both pieces constantly, together and separately. It's safe to say they're both effortless summer staples. 

But, as I not-so-subtly hinted at earlier, I'm excited to use both pieces in my fall wardrobe. Layering the dress over a long sleeve tee, like my white one from Sancho's Dress, is my favorite way to evoke the '90s and add a layer of warmth to the dress. The midi length allows it to transition to colder weather easily by throwing a heavy cardigan over the top with booties. 

The kimono is equally perfect for chilly weather (of course, I'll probably put it away during winter, but for now, when I only really need a jacket to go out, it works perfectly). 


Transitioning from season to season can be difficult, but with a few carefully chosen pieces, you can enjoy the ebb and flow of the year without having to completely swap out your closet. 


*This post is in partnership with Sweet Lupine. As always, all sponsored posts are authentic and hand selected by me. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Simply Liv & Co. possible! #sponsored*