The Parallel Connection || Recycled Leggings Designed to Inspire


Some of my favorite brands are the ones born from a desire to use fashion as a conduit for change. Fashion for the sake of fashion is fine, but the women who see a bigger picture — that our clothes can actually create change in our day to day lives, our mindsets, and the world around us — they’re the brand owners that inspire me the most.

The Parallel Connection came from a struggle that had nothing to do with fashion, but Allie, the brand’s owner and designer, believed that a true mindset shift can happen when a woman slips into a pair of her leggings.

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The Struggle

Born out of years of fighting and overcoming a speech-based learning disability, Allie created The Parallel Connection as a reminder not only to herself, but to everyone who wears her pieces, that they are valuable, brave, bold, beautiful.

Each pair of leggings has a “secret message” inscribed in the print. Each phrase is a mantra Allie has repeated over to herself on days of struggle or when she needed an extra motivation boost. Mine, the Tiny Chevron print, have “dare to dream” scattered throughout the print, so that every time I glance down, I’m automatically searching for a reminder to pursue my passion.

The Fabric

A step or two above most leggings, these are made from recycled polyester, meaning it re-purposes old fabric, giving it a new life. However, like most non-natural materials, it will shed microplastics in the wash, so be sure to use a bag or laundry ball meant to catch microplastics before they end up in our water supply.

The fabric is incredible soft, medium weight, and stretchy. However — my favorite aspect — it doesn’t loose its shape after several wears.


The Fit

Each of The Parallel Connection’s five designs come in three styles — classic high-waisted, 7/8 high-waisted, and a slim pant more appropriate for work situations. Even more exciting than the versatility though is the size range. The Parallel Connection offers size xxs-xxl, or 00-20. This wider size spectrum will ensure that more bodies are accepted, encouraged, and made to feel beautiful, instead of being turned away due to fit.

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Allie’s hope is that her leggings — a physical reminder of self-acceptance, self-confidence and goal-chasing — will inspire others in the same way and that’s a powerful mission for a pair of leggings.

*This post was sponsored by The Parallel Connection. All photos and storytelling, as always, are my own. Thanks for supporting the brands that make SL&CO possible*