Slow Fashion Feature || Temperate Co.

Every once in a while I come across a brand that makes me giddy with excitement. Not only because of the products they create, but their ethics, their story, their personality — everything. When I first heard about Temperate Co. that's exactly how I felt. 

I loved the look of the Tennessee based brand, sure, but I especially appreciated their transparency and the versatility of their pieces, both factors that are extremely important to me. After somewhat obsessively eyeing them for months, I decided to get in touch with Ongeleigh, the brands founder and designer, and I'm oh so glad I did. 

Temperate Co. designs clothes to give women "the confidence to live intentionally through well-designed wearables". Is that an inspiring mission or what? Their pieces are loose, airy, neutral, and made with ultra-breathable materials like linen, organic cotton, and hemp (all of which don't require pesticides). 

They're ethical down to the very fibre of the fabric they source, ensuring that the farmers who grow the plants that eventually become their fabrics are industry certified and personally vet the growing process. Every piece is colored, cut, and sewn by Ongeleigh in a small, airy studio in Chattanooga to ensure maximum quality and minimum waste. 

The newly released SS17 Capsule Collection is designed with Spring in mind, but I love how each piece could easily be worn all year long, with a bit of creativity. 

I chose the Gemini Tunic in light grey — as linen is one of my all time favorite fabrics for it's durability and ease and I needed a good tunic for my Spring capsule. Although I was fully expecting to have spring-like weather to style it in, life threw me a curve ball and I ended up in the snowy Rocky Mountains when it came time to shoot photos for the post. As excited as I was for a warmer-weather shoot, I loved pushing myself to style the tunic in a more creative way — proving, again, just how versatile Temperate's pieces truly are. 

Although I'm continually dreaming of styling this piece for warm weather, I love how easy it was to layer a simple button up underneath it and throw on my parka on top. The material is slightly sheer, but not too much so, meaning it will be perfect to wear with a pair of jeans and sandals once all of the snow pictured starts to melt ;) 

Keep an eye out for this tunic in my Spring capsule wardrobe reveal in the coming months. You can shop the entire capsule collection here to add a few timeless pieces to your own wardrobe. Take a peek at the collection, and I gaurantee you'll be as giddy as I was.