Packing for Two Weeks in the U.K.


Tomorrow I'm leaving for nearly two weeks in the UK to visit/pick up my younger brother who has been studying there. I'm going with my mom, brother, and sister-in-law (that's right, sans children - the part I'm most hesitant about) and will be making our way from London to Scotland and then back down to London for a few days.

I wanted to share a quick packing list for those of you who may be interested. Although I'm packing it all in a carry-on (mine is from Lo & Sons and I LOVE it), I feel a bit like I overpacked. However, I've had each of these pieces in mind for months and am excited to mix and match them for some easy, travel-chic outfits while I'm gone. 

I'm also bringing my Eba Tote with me - it's INCREDIBLE for travel, with a center divider, several pockets, and a cup holder in the bottom. I'll bring reading material, a smaller clutch, Keepcup, Yuhme water bottle, and other essentials in it. 


Here's what I'm planning to wear: 


VETTA Capsule Multi-way Sweater (currently sold out) | Thrifted Camel Trench | Thought Clothing Cardigan



Be sure to follow along on my Instagram for updates on the trip and check back here at some point for a recap :) 

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