Ungalli Clothing || Recycled Fashion for the Whole Family


There are few things I appreciate more than a "one stop" shop. Buying consciously is tricky enough, but having to shop separate retails for each member of your family (and do the necessary research to make sure each shop fits your values and of course, budget,) is no easy feat. Furthermore, practicality, comfort, and kid-friendliness are huge pluses when I shop anywhere for my girls. 

We're all for the twirly dress and tutu, but when a day at the lake beckons, we need clothes that can translate from home to camping trip and back again. 

Enter Ungalli Clothing. In a few short weeks, these pieces from the family (and eco) friendly store have become our go-to for anything from lounging at home to a campfire to a camping trip turned picnic at the lake.  

Ungalli is a Canadian brand focused on education and transparency. When co-founders (and sisters) Hailey and Bree learned about the effects of the fast fashion industry both on the environment and on the hands and lives making our clothing, they knew there had to be a better, more sustainable option. Ungalli was born out of their desire to spread awareness while creating an earth-friendly, worker-friendly product. 

Their pieces are made with recycled materials, specifically plastic water bottles, which are shredded and refined into yarn and re-made as recycled polyester. One Ungalli tee gives new life to approximately 10 plastic water bottles, which means that my family alone is wearing about 30-ish plastic bottles that would have otherwise ended up in landfill. 

In addition to their eco-friendly fabrics, Ungalli designs and manufactures all of their clothing locally, reducing their carbon footprint and supporting their local economy. 

The brand offers just about everything from tees to joggers to hoodies to hats. There are even goodies for pets and kiddos. Ungalli spreads the love even further by offering custom tee printing for businesses, using their recycled fabrics. 

With comparable pricing, comfortable pieces, and designs that are easy for anyone to wear, Ungalli is lessening the footprint of the fashion industry one tee at a time.

And, just to end on a realistic note, in case you think photoshoots with toddlers is as happy as it looks, here's a shot of Mara, after she fell in the lake. 

*This post was sponsored by Ungalli Clothing. All photographs, opinions, and crying children are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make SL&Co. possible!* 

Easy Spring Style with Thought Clothing


You've heard, several times, about my love for Thought Clothing. 

The brand, tucked away in a stunning neighborhood in Inner London but boasting a growing world-wide customer base, is aptly named for their true Thoughtfulness in each and every aspect of their brand, from where they source their fabrics, to how they design their patterns, to the way they interact with influencers and customers. I've partnered with them several times over the past year and a half, and each time, I'm blown away by the consistent quality and beauty of their pieces. 

This collaboration, though, is extra special because, during my wonderful but brief stint in the U.K. I was able to stop by Thought's headquarters, meet some of their team, and tour their (insanely gorgeous) showroom. My brother Jess (more aptly known during this trip as my Instagram Brother) came along with me and snapped some beautiful photos of the showroom and Hannah and I - because, I already know he's going to ask where his photo credit is. ;)  


Picture Instagram heaven - plants galore, gorgeous clothes organized by color and pattern displayed throughout the room, statement walls to add depth, a welcoming meeting table in the center, and lots and lots of sunlight. This is Thought's showroom - the space where they shoot many of their product photos, hold meetings, and yes, host overly excited bloggers for an afternoon. 

I got a sneak peek of the FW18 collection, full of jewel tones, warmth, and of course, original prints designed in-house. One of my favorite things about Thought is their incredible approach to pattern and prints - they draw from nature, poetry, art, and vintage design and create one of a kind prints in the very same building that their showroom is in. 

This post is technically in promotion of their current SS18 line, but trust me when I say that their Fall/Winter line is quite possibly my favorite yet. I have my list of pieces I'm planning to buy when it's released, don't worry. 

But, for now, there's no shortage of beauty in their current line, three pieces of which, I've had since February and have worn them all many, many times. Versatility (as always) and seasonlessness were two of my main goals when selecting the pieces to showcase in this post (and wear in my real life) and each piece went above and beyond in both categories. 

First up, the Blake Trousers

With a wide leg and a paper bag waist, these pants feature one of the most classic cuts of all time, flattering on all shapes and sizes. They're made of a modal/bamboo blend, making them wonderfully soft and breezy. I galavanted across the U.K. in them and, fittingly, wore them to the Thought showroom for our meeting. 


Easy, comfortable, perfect for travel. 

Piece #2: The Helina Pompom Detail Vest

This tank, a hemp/organic cotton blend, is the perfect basic piece to wear all Spring and Summer. The pompom detail adds flair without going overboard and the shape is perfect for layering or tucking in. 

(Pro tip: I chose the tank in white, and in case this helps with decision making, I'm wearing a red bra underneath without a cami and it's not see through at all ;) 


Versatile, durable, and ideal for layering. 

Piece #3: Landor Knit Cardigan 

A cotton/wool blend, this cardigan comes in several colors and is soft and stretchy - perfect to throw over a tee or a shirt dress. I chose "sunflower" for a fun pop of color in my mostly neutral wardrobe, and love wearing it over a white tee or my black Sotela jumpsuit. The cardigan has a single button at the top, for a unique option for added coverage. 

Time and time again, Thought lives up to their name, and after the opportunity to meet their founder, see behind their doors, and get a glimpse into the process behind their collections only makes me love them more. 

Their SS18 line is full of unique, sustainable, one of a kind pieces for both men and women - be sure to shop their new arrivals for any gaps you need to fill in your closet. And, if you're even in Islington, be sure to look up their showroom ;) 


**This post is sponsored by Thought Clothing. All opinions and photographs are my own (and my Instagram Brother's) Thank you for supporting the brands that make this site possible.**

Ethical Holiday || An Affordable Gift Guide For Him

Ethical Holiday || An Affordable Gift Guide For Him

He may be low maintenance, but for some reason, Christmas shopping for my husband is always the hardest part of the holiday. I know him and what he needs, and yet, I find myself stumped each year because guys are just so darn hard to shop for. 

Adding ethics to the mix makes things even more difficult. It's one thing to run to Target and pick up a new set of steak knives or a new flannel, but when you're hoping to find conscious gifts for everyone on your list, things can get pricey really quickly. This gift guide focuses solely on items that are both practical and affordable- without sacrificing ethics. Everything is under $100 (except one splurge gift) and each piece is hand picked by me including brands I've personally worked with or researched. There may even be a discount code or two thrown in just for fun ;) 

Happy shopping! 

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Not Just for the Ladies: 4 Tips For Creating A Men's Capsule Wardrobe

Yep. I said it. 

Capsule-ing isn't just for the ladies. Theres a huge gap in the capsule wardrobe community and (although it's admittedly mostly female) there isn't much info or inspiration available for the guys when it comes to downsizing and streamlining your wardrobe. 

And, I don't know if you've noticed or not, but guys wear clothes too and enjoying what you wear shouldn't just be a feminine subject. In fact, I know plenty of guys (both online and in real life) who enjoy fashion, have a personal style, and don't enjoy sifting through tons of clothes everyday to find something to wear. On the other hand, I also know dudes with four drawers of t-shirts. My husband, in particular, fell strangely into both categories. Until he decided to let me (I mean, us) do something about it. 

Using Aj as my guinea pig (thanks babe), I set off to create a capsule wardrobe for men. We aren't totally finished with his yet — I'll share the full capsule eventually — but, not surprisingly, the process looks just about the same as it does for my own closet

One of my favorite resources I've discovered on my men's wardrobe quest is Tripych, a men's brand specializing in creating basics specifically for capsule wardrobes. In fact, they create entire capsules specifically for guys, based on their style. Their current capsule and first collection is the Urban capsle, but they also sell their basics separately and have a newly launched membership option that gives you unlimited access to "the vault" and discounts on future capsules. 

Here's a little sneak peek of their Urban capsule and how Aj's been putting it to good use: 


Comfort is huge for Aj. If he doesn't feel good or comfortable in something, he won't wear it. And the minute he tried on these Comfort Chinos from Triptych, my fears of not being able to find him pants that weren't sweat pants or jeans were over. He wears them everywhere (the tees too). 

And now, a few tips we've learned along the way for building a capsule guy-style (or, lets be honest here, tips for building a capsule for the guy in your life). 

Capsule wardrobes aren't just for the ladies. Here are four tips for getting started building a men's capsule wardrobe.

1. Focus on functionality

Regardless of your personal style, men's fashions are definitely geared towards practicality much more than women's are. Guys don't typically change their clothes 3 times a day depending on the outing (or at least I don't think they do...?) and the most valuable pieces in their closet will be the ones they can wear anywhere. Since a capsule should be made up of pieces you wear multiple times a week, invest in things that can double as work wear, coffee shop wear, or sitting at home-wear. 

2. Build your basics first

I'm always a little bit discouraged by the lack of diversity of styles in men's fashion. But, since basics are truly a staple in most guys' closets, it makes sense to build a foundation around them and then pick a few "non-basics" to layer on top. Stock up on your tees, thermals, and button-downs (or whatever you would consider a "staple" for you). 

3. Take your time

Like any transition, it will take time to go through the clothes you have and replace what needs to be replaced. Take it a drawer at a time. 

(Ladies, if you're reading this trying to convince your guy to downsize, be patient. They might not get on board all at once, but even agreeing to declutter or invest in better pieces is progress!) 

4. Detox and De-clutter

Getting rid of the clothes you have but don't wear is a necessary evil of building a wardrobe you do enjoy. Sort through the items you haven't worn in over six months. Get rid of them. Keep the ones you love. It's as simple as that. 

Are you a guy with a capsule? What has been your biggest struggle in building one? I want to learn about the gaps that need to be filled so that I can learn how to create a capsule that works for everyone — regardless of gender or amount of t-shirt drawers.