Minimal Bohemian || A Late-Summer Lookbook


Natural fibers, neutral colors, easy silhouettes. These are a few of my summer-style must haves. 

Although I'm not one to shy away from bold colors or prints (ahem, my favorite MATTER Prints pieces), I've found that the days I feel most comfortable and "myself" are the ones when I'm wearing easy/versatile pieces that can be dressed up and dressed down with the least amount of effort. I've thought before about trying to "define" my style and although I feel like my personal style is constantly in flux, "minimal bohemian" seems to sum up my go-to style. 

When I thought about what kind of Lookbook I wanted to work on for Summer, these were the kinds of pieces that came to mind. Clothes that made me feel feminine. Clothes I could throw on and not worry about ruining or getting dirty/wrinkly as I chase around two littles. Clothes that were well-made and would last a lifetime. Minimal bohemian, classics with an effortless twist. And so, these four pieces are the ones I'm excited to spotlight. All from conscious makers, all handmade, all from brands I contacted specifically for this season and this piece. 

For me, these brands and their handiwork inspire a sense of whimsy and embody the carefree style I love, especially for real day to day living. There's nothing fancy, elaborate, or flashy about them. They're real clothes for real women, and I can't get enough. 

The Brands: 

Magic Linen


Based in Lithuania, Magic Linen is a small, family owned business using only organic linen for their stunning array of home goods and apparel. Each piece, from their king-size bedding to their beautiful tops, jumpsuits, and dresses, are cut and sewn by hand, taking up to two weeks to create before being shipped to their new homes. 

We cherish classic values, at the same time being modern, opened to a world and new ideas, doing our best with a lot of enthusiasm and hard work. These principles reflect in the goods we deliver – we choose the most organic fabrics and enjoy the process of making items by hand than going to big factories.

I'm wearing: 

Why I Love Them: 

These pieces are timeless and such high quality. The skirt transitions perfectly from warm weather to cold (I chose the color with holiday parties in mind). The dress is breezy, but thick enough to wear all year - I'm obsessed with the buttons and long sleeves. 

Magic Linen values the beauty of the process as much as they value the end result. I can't wait to pass these pieces on to my daughters one day. 



Dreamed of, designed, cut, and sewn in Brooklyn, New York, Aurorei creates pieces that are quite literally effortless. The one-woman show's goal is to create functional pieces that can be worn multiple ways through multiple seasons, both in the year and in life. Their linen and leather goods are durable and all made with ethically sourced fabrics from a traceable mill in Osaka, Japan. 

I've owned Aurorei's Multi-Way Shirt for almost a year and reached back out to them for this lookbook after eyeing the high-waisted pants for months. 

We hope to create design that is multifunctional, multi-gender, and simple to understand, that will truly become a “new companion” for your life.

I'm Wearing: 

Why I Love Them: 

These pants have a vintage feel while being endlessly flattering. I've paired them with crop tops, tanks, tees, sweaters, kimonos and more and I can't seem to find anything that doesn't work with them. Aurorei is the embodiment of slow fashion and supporting women owned businesses is so worthwhile.  

Arraei Collective


You may recognize this piece from a few weeks ago on the blog (and from the sheer amount of times I've worn this tank in real life), but Arraei Collective has fast become a favorite brand of mine both for their beautiful designs and for their eco-friendly practices. 

I had been hunting for a versatile cami-esque tank for the summer and was amazed at how "above and beyond" this piece went. More than just a basic, it's reversible, crop-able, and made from a hemp/silk/organic cotton blend that is so easy to care for. Arraei launched earlier this year and I can say from experience that they'll be a brand to watch as their collection grows. 

The Arraei woman exudes confidence through graceful self expression, knowing that she is harmony with herself and the planet.

What I'm Wearing: 

Why I Love Them: 

Arraei creates pieces that flatter every body type and style and, even better, will never go out of style. Their fabrics are the definition of sustainability (100% plant-based and ethically sourced) and the versatility is unmatched. 


**This post is in collaboration with each brand mentioned. Although I wasn't compensated for promotion, I received pieces after reaching out specifically to partner with each brand. Thank you for supporting the brands who make this blog possible.**

A Sustainable Spring Lookbook with EcoVibe Apparel

That is one good thing about this world...there are always sure to be more springs.
— L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Avonlea

Spring is a tricky temptress here in the Rocky Mountain tundra. And dressing for her isn't a simple feat. As I mentioned in a recent post, outfits can change as quickly as a cloud can cover the sun and a sunny day can turn into a snowy one. 

Nevertheless, I've been slowly transitioning my closet - replacing snow coats, sweaters, and flannels, for jean jackets, layering tops, and (a bold move) spring-y dresses. 

EcoVibe Apparel has been one of the brands making my "transition to Spring" a bit more bearable. This "lookbook", similar to the one I wrote with Toad & Co. for Fall/Winter, is a conglomeration of looks using multiple pieces from a single brand, worn over a longer period of time. It's meant to show the versatility of the pieces, as I wear them in my real life, and not just for a single photo shoot. 

It's also, hopefully, meant to inspire a bit of Spring-full-ness, if you, like me, are trapped in a teeter-tottering ecosystem. 


EcoVibe Apparel is a Portland-based "boutique" style shop, melding eco-friendly fabrics, trendy silhouettes, and thoughtfully sourced apparel. The husband and wife owned shop brings a powerful force to the table. With more than 30 years experience in the fashion industry and experience in the ethics/marketing realm, there's no better due to take fast fashion by storm. 

The shop offers a "comprehensive" range of pieces - everything from basics, to outerwear, to statement pieces. You can also shop by value (vegan, fabric), type (sweater, leggings, jackets), and more.  

The Pieces: 


Alisha Modal Keyhole Back Dress: ($72)

This dress is silky soft, made of Modal, one of my all-time favorite fabrics. It has the perfect drape, is flattering, and has a unique keyhole detail that's perfect for Spring. Plus, it's one of the few "open backed" dresses that is bra-friendly ;)

Brynn Sweater in Ash Rose: ($79)

Incredibly soft, this dolman sweater is perfect for travel or cozy days at home. I wore it on both plane rides during my trip to the U.K. It's easy to layer pieces underneath, and makes a great starting point for any outfit. 



Sophie Off-the-Shoulder Top: ($68)

100% cotton and a beautiful twist on a classic denim chambray top, this top is the perfect transition piece. It features a longer silhouette and sweet little bows on the sleeves. I've worn it tucked into to pants or loose with skinny jeans and it works perfectly either way. 


EcoVibe truly has a beautifully curated selection of pieces conscious consumers can feel good about buying. Whether Spring decides to show her face in Colorado or not, my wardrobe will give her a run for her money with these three pieces. 

What's your favorite look of the bunch? I can't wait to style each piece throughout the season. 

*This post is sponsored by EcoVibe Apparel. All opinions, words, and photos are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that keep this site running!*

A Sustainable Fall/Winter Lookbook || Featuring Toad & Co.

A Sustainable Fall/Winter Lookbook || Featuring Toad & Co.

If there was one brand I could confidently rely on to supply my entire wardrobe, Toad & Co. would be it. Sure, I love lots of sustainable brands, and have a wide variety in my personal closet, but Toad & Co. seems to surpass even some of my tried and true favorites in quality, transparency, price, and selection. 

This post is more than a "blog post", which is why I'm referring to it as a "lookbook". In October, Toad & Co. sent AJ and I a grand total of 10 pieces to test, wear in our real lives, and if we chose to, review them on SL&Co. The scope of that project scared me, to be honest. In most product review scenarios, I received one (maybe two) pieces to review and style. Some I even return to the brands after photographic and styling, if I don't feel they mesh well with my lifestyle. 

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