People of Leisure || #LiveConsciously, and Mean It

People of Leisure || #LiveConsciously, and Mean It

It's one thing to research a company's website to find out information on their ethics and sustainability. It's another to email the brand directly asking for help with parts you feel they may have missed. But entering into a contract with a brand? Adding your name to their website and aligning yourself with their practices? That's another step entirely. 

And, of course, exactly what I've done with People of Leisure. 

As their copywriter, I do what I love doing most- write about not only their gorgeous pieces, but what it means to be a conscious consumer, highlight other conscious influencers, and get to know the brand on a deep, personal level. 

People of Leisure is an LA-based ethical and vintage clothing brand that focuses on sustainability- both when it comes to the fabrics they source and how their employees are treated. 

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