THOM KELLY || Eco-Friendly Flannels For All Seasons


I knew I was going to own a THOM KELLY button up from the moment I hit "follow" on their newly formed Instagram page almost two years ago. Although there are several brands that make ethical options, I hadn't found one that fit the way I wanted it to, had a pattern I actually loved and was produced using values I could completely respect. 


If you want to learn more about the backstory of the brand, and my borderline obsession with following their first ever collection launch, read this interview from a few months ago. Today's post, however, is all about the shirt and why I love it so much. 


The Details: 

For their first collection, THOM KELLY released their Sawyer Shirt in three colorways (and their Axel Shirt for men). Made with an organic cotton/Tencel blend, the shirt is as lightweight and breezy as it is sturdy and wrinkle-resistant. Everything about this button-up feels well-made, from the fabric, to the buttons and stitching. 

THOM KELLY produces in the USA, custom designs their fabric and patterns, is a member of 1% For the Planet, and uses sustainable materials - it really doesn't get any better. 


We all know how to style a flannel. They're the essence of laidback versatility.

For this post, however, I wanted to create a look that showed a more interesting way to style the shirt, other than my typical "front-tuck in my favorite pair of skinny jeans" approach. 

Since the Sawyer shirt is a bit longer than some other flannels out there that I've tried in the past (hello, cheap Target button-ups), it can easily be tied-up over a pair of high-waisted shorts or "mom jeans". It's also just as easy to layer under a strappy slip dress, overalls, or as I have, under a jumpsuit. 

The fabric makes this shirt perfect for all seasons. In colder months, you could layer it under a chunky sweater, or of course, wear it on its own with a knit skirt or cozy jeans. In Spring and Summer, it can be unbuttoned over a tank for an easy to remove layer, or tucked into a pair of shorts. 


Outfit details: Jumpsuit (VETTA Capsule), Slides (Sseko Designs)

I share a lot about "investment pieces" on SL&Co. and, as luxurious as THOM KELLY's shirts may seem, if you're planning to spend money on a flannel, choosing one that will last you years (not just a season or two) and is made with the utmost care and attention to detail, will pay off. 

Another thing I love about the brand is, in an effort to reduce waste, THOM KELLY offers their "second chance" shirts (pieces with minor flaws that don't live up to their high quality standards) at a very reduced price. 

Almost every other brand that I've tried in the past (with the exception of my Toad & Co. flannel) has worn out, shrunk, lost buttons, ripped, or deteriorated with less than 20 wears. After only a month or two of owning my THOM KELLY Sawyer Shirt, I'm fast approaching the "30 wear" mark and (with proper care, of course) I'm convinced this shirt will last me a lifetime. 


**This post was part of a long-term collaboration with THOM KELLY. All photos, opinions, and words are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make SL&Co. possible!**

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