Hola Lili || Wearable Art

Hola Lili || Wearable Art

I've got another amazing Kickstarter campaign to introduce you to today! One of my favorite thing about ethical fashion is that the people who own most of the brands I've worked with have literally built their brand from the ground up, and Hola Lili is no different. 

Hola Lili is another emerging brand in the eco-fashion world that was born out of a desire to change the way people buy shoes and to empower artisans in the Philippines, growing the local economy and supporting traditional weaving methods. They are doing things very, very right and creating gorgeous shoes while they're at it — or at least they hope to once their campaign ends.

Their Kickstarter campaign launched only a few days ago and they're already fully funded — proof of people's desire for beautiful shoes that don't come at the expense of others or the planet. 

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Olli || Fair Flip Flops On A Mission

Olli || Fair Flip Flops On A Mission

I've mentioned before that when it comes to footwear, like most things in my life, I like to keep it simple. I need shoes that I can throw on easily, wear with 94% of the pieces in my closet, and chase a 3 year old and a 1.5 year old around in. While it's pretty safe to say that heels (of any shape or size) aren't for my lifestyle (or level of walking ability), flats, sandals, booties, and of course, flip flops most definitely are. 

When the ladies of Olli reached out to me about their Kickstarter campaign for fair trade, ethically made flip flops, I immediately knew I wanted to get involved. Believe it or not, for the past two or three summers I've been without a pair of flip flops for a few reasons. A) I was too lazy to buy a new pair, and B) I couldn't find an ethically made option that was in my budget AND higher quality than the Old Navy pairs I had been used to.

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Introducing Thought

Photo credit: Ian Warren** 

Photo credit: Ian Warren** 




  1. an idea or opinion produced by thinking or occurring suddenly in the mind.

  2. the action or process of thinking.

A while ago in a social media post, I called Thought my "brand crush", although now, after wearing their pieces for a few weeks, interacting with the staff, and reading more in depth about the heart behind their brand, "crush" seems to be an understatement. 

The word "thought" is a bit all encompassing, and I believe the brand chose that word for their new moniker, with all of its depth and weight, with great intention. Although I've worked with a lot of amazing brands who I truly believe are practicing ethically and carefully, I've been impressed time and time again with truly how much thought goes into the work Thought does. 


You might know them by another name, however. Since their founding more than ten years ago, the brand was known as Braintree Clothing. Known for their easy to wear designs and classic, ethically made pieces, Braintree was originally a menswear line that branched into women's clothing in 2005. 

They've been growing ever since and now, with their collections sold in over 1,000 stores worldwide and their online community reaching even further, Braintree has adapted a new name to encompass their ever-improving, ever-evolving brand. 

Everything, from their materials, to their packaging, to their curated blog on their website, to their interaction with their customers is thoughtful, designed to leave a positive impact on everyone their brand touches. And I can say from experience that they do. 

Thought is still a small business, despite their success. A team of only 20 people run the in's and out's of the brand from a collection of offices in North London. Inspiring — just like "brand crush" — is putting it lightly. 

Their newly released SS17 collection doesn't disappoint. In these photos I'm wearing the Irena tunic — a wool printed tunic that is thick, durable, soft, and incredibly comfortable, the Saskia hemp cropped cardigan in terracotta — a lightweight cardigan that feels delicate but still heavy enough to wear during chili weather, and the Annabel hemp knit top in terracotta — a lightweight sweater with gorgeous cutout detailing and slightly cropped sleeves.

This is only a small sampling of their new collection, however. Each piece is equally as beautiful and I have my eye on a few more to add to my Thought collection.

Thought uses fabrics that are as gentle to your skin as they are to the planet — primarily bamboo, hemp, wool, organic cotton, tencel, rayon and recycled polyester — and one touch of their clothing makes it obvious that a great deal of care went into creating it. Their motto of "wear me, love me, mend me, pass me on" is truly slow fashion (and slow living) at it's best.   

Photo credit: Ian Warren**

Photo credit: Ian Warren**

Wear me, love me, mend me, pass me on

Although it's safe to say that my "brand crush" is still going strong, I think my feelings have matured into a deep appreciation for their methods and a feeling of obligation to support and spread the word about the amazing work that Thought is doing. 

If creating an intentional, well-designed, curated wardrobe full of pieces you feel great in and can wear for years to come is your goal, let Thought be your new go-to ethical shop. They're truly changing the way fashion is done, and that is a mission worth supporting. 

***To get your collection started, use the code LIV10 for 10% off your entire order! (Offer valid on orders placed before April 24th 2017).*** 

*This post is sponsored by Thought. As always, all reviews are sincere and SL&Co. only promotes brands we've actually tried and love. Thank you for supporting the brands that make this site (and a conscious life) possible. 

**To see more of Ian's photography, check out his website here

5 Consciously Sourced Baby Brands You'll Love

This piece is a guest post from Erin Lally, owner of Gingerly Witty 

At this moment in my life, I've started to take a closer look about what goes in and on top of my body. We take a conscious effort to eat healthy day in and day out, hopping onto words like organic and free range. I can only imagine the importance of being eco-friendly when you’re preparing for the arrival of your baby.

In the preparation for having a living, breathing, pooping infant, I'd probably scour the internet for the perfect organic cotton baby tees, organic bedding, washcloths, mattress pads...you name it. After all, this is your beloved, special little human being and he/she only deserves the best. Lucky for us, more and more brands these days are realizing this and are producing eco and ethically friendly clothing, accessories, and toys. Plus, they're getting more and more stylish by the day. I've lost track of the number of stylish kiddos I've seen in the Echo Park store! Some of these clothes are very much reminiscent of our capsule wardrobe dreams And so, in preparation to carrying children's clothes in my shop, I decided to do a little searching for some socially conscious yet stylish and cool baby brands.

1. Mabo

With all of their garments designed and manufactured in the USA in small volume, Mabo clothier specializes in fine children's clothing designed for little ones' comfort and simple style. With quality, natural fabrics – cotton and linen for summer and cozy wools for winter, their clothing is characterized by classic, clean designs with contemporary and playful details.

2. Rocky Racoon Apparel

RockyRacoonApparel is a line of organic clothing for trendy kids. All fabrics are organic cotton and printed with non-toxic water-based ink prints. This Cactus pattern is the coolest and perfect for summer!

3. Under the Nile Organics

Available pretty much anywhere organic baby clothes are sold, even Whole Foods, Under the Nile Organics is a great stand by. Check out their clothes and toys, like this plush eggplant.



4. Rylee+Cru

A children’s line founded by illustrator Kelli Murray and inspired by her own little ones. Rylee+Cru merges art and imagination, offering unique and artistic clothing for the modern child. The collection consists of quality basics that are each hand garment dyed, giving them a soft vintage feel right out of the box. The shapes are comfortable and the fabrics are soft, making dressing easy for baby and mama.

5. Tiny Cottons

As a family Company, tinycottons born in December 2012, Barb Bruno and Gerard Lazcano decided to to do something different for the kids business, build a brand with great quality products, made in Europe, and treat that Brand as and adults Brand, stylish but bold, with a strong image, and a story behind every collection that kids get involved and learn something, or just love a piece that they'll remember for ever.





About Erin + Gingerly Witty

Gingerly Witty was born from my love of personal style. I wanted to create a space that had a neighborhood vibe with affordable quality products and unique merchandise with an appreciation for local handmade artisans and a spotlight on ethically made goods. I hope to bring this vision to my clients in a way that is uniquely Gingerly Witty.

What we're creating is a lifestyle destination focused on a specific customer — a woman who is creative and eclectic in terms of her tastes but is leading a busy, ambitious life. So, what she needs are beautiful clothes that are also rooted in ease, versatility, and accessibility.

We want the references we're making to what's happening in fashion and other cultural arenas to feel intuitively familiar but done in a way that surprises our customer. We focus on offering real clothes that you can live and work in. I believe when women feel confident and powerful — in short, at our best — there is truly nothing we can't accomplish.

Gingerly Witty is own and run by Erin Lally. She loves capsule wardrobes, dancing at concerts, and attempting to play the banjo. Gene Belcher is her spirit animal.

Slow Fashion Feature || Lions In Four

When you think of luxury fashion brands what typically comes to mind? For me, words like "transparency," "community," or "giving back" are not on the forefront of my mind when I think of "high fashion" brands. But for Lions in Four, an ethical brand focused on creating luxury products for women, those three words are at the core of their mission statement. 

Julie, the founder of the brand, has a passion for connecting women through community and empowering the artisans who create their well-made products. At LIF, the goal is to be the "first luxury brand built by the people" — where every single person who touches the brand at every level is celebrated, respected, and elevated

They sell beautiful silk scarves (the Gwynn scarf is pictured in this post), clutches, recycled leather handbags, and jewelry with a message. Each product is handmade using ethically sourced materials like leather and their signature silk.

Lions in Four has six core values at the heart of their brand, all of which are incredibly inspiring.

Their goals are to:

Celebrate humanity 

Be mindful


Give back

Deliver quality

Be transparent 

Another piece of Lions in Four that I'm particularly excited about is their Community, created around the idea of bringing women together and celebrating them. 

Our community may be connected through fashion, but our ties run deeper than what we wear on the surface.
— Julie Martin — Founder, Lions in Four

The Lions in Four community is an free online community committed to connecting women, overcoming differences, and building each other up. As a part of the community, you get access to exclusive products (like the red thread twilly pictured above), special discounts, insider info on the brand and their sister non-profit Lions in Four Foundation, weekly newsletters and more. 

The red twilly is a free gift that is shipped straight to your door upon sign up, and it acts as a reminder that we're all connected and valuable. There is a small red strip on the very tip of the scarf that, according to Julie, represents the fact that at the end of the day, we are all "red" inside. The twilly acts as a symbol of Lion in Four's mission to unite and empower women everywhere through beautifully made products. 

Join the Lions in Four community here or browse their gorgeous line of handbags

Thank you to Julie and Lions in Four for sponsoring this post. As always, I only share about brands whose mission I support 100% and wear/use in real life. Thank you for supporting the brands that make SL&Co. possible.