Transitioning to Fall with Sotela


If you search my blog for the word "Sotela", it appears in 15 blog posts. That's probably as many times as words like "simplicity", or "versatile"...which, as we all know, I over-use like it's my job.

There's a reason for the Sotela obsession around these parts - the brand, all about creating clothes that flow with your fluctuating body, is one of my most worn and most loved brands to date. You can check the many, many blog posts for even more details on why I love Hanna and which pieces I wear from her past collections, but today, it's all about the Sand Collection

Perhaps the most versatile Sotela collection yet, the Sand Collection celebrates all body types with easy to wear and easy to style pieces that can fluctuation throughout seasons in life and in the year. I'm working with the Barcelona Shorts and, although I was admittedly hesitant at first, they're truly the "unsung heroes" of the collection for a reason. 

Like every Sotela piece I own, the shorts are made of 100% tencel, my all time favorite fabric (with a close second going to linen) for it's seasonlessness, versatility, and durability. Tencel is made from wood pulp fibers, in a closed loop process, meaning it's not emitting any harmful toxins or chemicals and doesn't require any to be made. It feels like silk, has the perfect natural wrinkle of linen, and can be worn almost endlessly without washing (seriously, I only wash my clothes when I absolutely have to). 

The Barcelona shorts are a warm-weather twist on Sotela's best selling Ryan Trousers (see my sweet friend Emily's blog for an amazing example of styling them). High-waisted, with two small pleats, and a slight wide leg, these shorts remind me of vintage silhouettes with a modern, versatile fabric. I've worn them with crop tops, swimsuit tops, bodysuits, sweaters, cardigans, tees, and just about everything else I could think of. And it all works. All of it. 

As the weather cools (rather quickly) and drifts towards fall, I'm planning to extend my summer wardrobe as long as possible - these shorts included. Since they pair so effortlessly with tops of all kinds, I'm reaching for them more often than my jeans, knowing I can layer up on top. 

As amazing as each piece in the new Sand Collection is, I don't know if the Barcelona Shorts can rightfully be called the unsung heroes anymore - because I'm singing their praises all summer long and into the fall. 

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*This post is in partnership with Sotela. All thoughts, photographs, and obsessions with Tencel are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make SL&Co. possible!* 

My Fight || Bridging The Gap For Women Fighting For Fairness

My Fight || Bridging The Gap For Women Fighting For Fairness

Last week I wrote about Bird + Stone and their new campaign in support of girls' education around the world. It made me realize that although sexism is pervasive in almost every country on the planet, more and more, brands, non-profits, and communities are realizing just how important empowering women is for growth. Not just for an individual, but for an entire community, nation, and the world as a whole. 

Women are the cornerstone, the fabric, the makers that hold families (and, therefore, nations) together, and some communities (some more than others) are learning the value of empowering, employing, and involving the women around them in ways that not only give the women a purpose and reason to fight but ways that benefit people far beyond their reach. 

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VETTA Capsule || Introducing the Minimal Capsule

VETTA Capsule || Introducing the Minimal Capsule

You know that feeling of unrest and discomfort when you're inching closer to a mental "crossroads," but you're not entirely sure which path you'll take? I've been feeling that way about my closet for the past few months and, as with every other area of my life it seems, I'm getting used to the discomfort. Not with the type of clothing I own, or the amount that I have, mind you. I'm ultra aware that my wardrobe is made up of some incredible piece by some incredible brands. Uncomfortable in the sense of cohesiveness and completion.

Although I've moved away from rigid capsule wardrobes, I'm longing for the same amount of structure I had in the past. And so for this Fall and Winter, I've decided to use my blog posts and the pieces I'm sent to feature as a conduit for that cohesive-ness that I'm craving and after this season, I'm going to get more creative with my brand partnerships. 

A closet can only hold so much, after all. 

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