The Coffee Registry || Every Bean Counts

The Coffee Registry || Every Bean Counts

I've always had a love for coffee shops, and as I grew up working in them in high school, college, and post college — yes, technically barista has been my only other job title besides blogger, freelancer, and mama — I loved how coffee combined with a beautiful space seemed to spark conversations and grow relationships. I don't think just any old space or any old coffee can do that. I firmly believe that it has to be intentionally cultivated — both the space and the coffee. 

Coffee, like fashion, also has deep connection to ethics, either helping an economy to grow or exploiting the people who work in it. 

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The Simplicity of Springtime



Its that time of year again! New, fresh blooms welcome us as we go about our days with an aroma of a new season underway. Isnt that the best part of changing seasons; the promise of a new start awaiting us?

I've always been one who believed that a good purge, or “spring cleaning” if you will, is good for the soul. It allows me to return to the basics of simple living which for me, is being in community with people. It's that simple. My cleaning out does include passing along clothing to others that I simply dont wear anymore, but on a deeper level, its looking at where I invest or what I make time for and seeing if thats a true reflection of me, or the life I desire to live.

When the weather begins to warm, it is usually met with more plans to be out. I fill my time with running errands, grabbing that extra caffeinated latte, and the weekly (or daily, lets be honest) trip to Target. Not to say those things are bad, but in the busyness, I lose simplicity somewhere in the chaos of the dollar section.

Honestly, I want to make habit again of stripping away all the extra. I want to live with less, and it starts with the recognition that less is so much more. And more personally, separating the self worth that is attached to things that inevitably pile up and beginning with just the basics; the people who make my life rich and deepening the relationships within my community. I want to make more time for connecting with others, hearing their stories, learning from their experiences, and being vulnerable to do so myself.

The beautiful thing about living more simply is that it looks different from person to person. It could mean saying “no” more to adding things to the list of social events, or setting aside time to read a book. Lets encourage one another to find our own simplicity, to define it because it holds such worth, and to pursue it on the daily.