How (and Why) to Build a Jewelry Capsule


If you’ve stuck around my blog for a while, you may remember my capsule wardrobe days. Although I eventually felt comfortable drifting away from the rigidity of my season-to-season capsules, that phase of my life was crucial for determining my own style and, even more importantly, helping me simplify a chaotic season of life after becoming a young mom and soon after, a mom of two.

It sounds silly that the limits (or lack of limits) that you place on your closet can actually impact your day to day life and, dare I say, your mental health, but for me, that was absolutely the case. Capsule wardrobes brought structure to a season of life when I desperately needed it, and it helped me spread that structure into other areas of my life. It simplified getting dressed, taught me what pieces I loved and which ones I’d bought on an impulse, and so much more. (Head to my “Capsule Wardrobe” archives to get the full scoop). Essentially, capsule wardrobes were the conduit that sparked my love for ethical fashion, blogging, the conscious community, and simple living.

Though I no longer officially “capsule” my wardrobe, the tools I learned during that phase have stuck with me. In fact, our current season in an RV feels a lot like an “entire life capsule” in a lot of ways. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Jewelry, though, is one area of my closet that I feel like I haven’t quite honed in on enough yet. I’m drawn to lots of styles, from statement necklaces to delicate layering pieces, and oftentimes feel like I’ll wear something when I see it online, but then never reach for it in real life. Aside from the excess that this can create (I’ve gone through seasons of owning A LOT of jewelry), my personal style when it comes to accessories is yet another piece of the self-discovery pie that I’m on a mission to unveil.

Accessories aren’t nearly as broad a topic as clothing, but for most of us, they play a daily role in our getting ready routine and, if we aren’t aware of what we do and don’t love to wear, we’re bound to end up choosing the wrong pieces, accumulating too much, and not feeling like ourselves.

This, friends, is where I’m hoping a jewelry capsule can help.


I’m still in the beginning stages of the logistics of this little capsule — what you see in the photos is really all of the jewelry I own — so in this post, I’ll share my goals for my jewelry capsule and hopefully give some guidelines for starting your own, if it’s something you’d like to try along with me.

  1. Decide what you gravitate towards naturally

    I’m not a bracelet person. I never wear them, and even when I’ve owned beautiful cuffs or stacking bracelets, they sat on my shelf while I repeatedly reached for my Berg + Betts watch time and time again. This is ok, and it’s taught me to stop trying to force myself to wear bracelets. Maybe there’s a style of jewelry that just doesn’t feel natural to you, and that’s totally ok too.

  2. Set a color palette

    Much like a clothing capsule, a jewelry capsule can be made up of a predetermined color scheme that you feel most accurately reflects your style and wardrobe. For me, I’ve learned that pure metal tones are what I gravitate towards (silver and gold pieces without any other color), but I have a few warm tones like the mustard and wine earrings from Sela Designs pictured that I love to spice up my neutral outfits.

    Once you have a color scheme you know you’ll wear over and over (ie. it goes with most of what’s in your wardrobe), you’re more likely to feel satisfied with the jewelry you own.

  3. Test out the pieces you own before looking for new ones

    Like a clothing capsule, you might have hidden gems (pun intended) in your jewelry collection that you forgot about and will once again love wearing. Before you shop for new pieces to fill any gaps in your jewelry repertoire, look to what you already own and make a list of what’s truly lacking.

    For me, a few high quality stacking rings, some gold accent rings, and a few layering necklaces are pieces I’m on the hunt for.

  4. Add slowly

    Like most good things, you don’t need to rush finding the perfect jewelry pieces that fit your lifestyle and wardrobe. Take your time and add things as you notice a true gap (note: not the same thing as a fleeting moment of envy from an Instagram post).

  5. Choose quality over quantity

    Not surprisingly, cheaply made “fast fashion” jewelry will last just about as long as it took you to read this sentence. I’ll always advocate for choosing “less but better” when it comes to clothing and accessories, and this is no different. Check out the accessories section of my List if you need some references on where to responsibly shop for high quality jewelry. Here are a few favorites that I’ve added to my own capsule:

Jewelry is one of those areas that it’s easy to mindlessly consume more and more in without realizing it. If you own more jewelry than you wear regularly or just want to hone in on your personal style more, I’d love for you to join me in creating a jewelry capsule. You can be as rigid (set a limit on the number of pieces you own) or flexible (rely more on your “gut feeling” to tell you when it’s complete) in the creation of your capsule, but mindful consumption is the name of the game, even when it comes to something as seemingly insignificant as the way you accessorize your outfits.

*This post is part of a long term collaboration with Sela Designs. All content ideas, photos, and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make SL&Co. possible!*

Encircled || Just the Basics


Love them or hate them, there's no denying that a few high-quality basics are the backbone of any well-rounded wardrobe. Even if you love patterns and have an "eclectic" personal style, you've got to admit that it's hard to pull together even the wildest of outfits without some kind of basic thrown in to build around.

A good white tee, solid layering tanks, long sleeve shirts, a good pair of leggings or denim. These are a few of my favorite things. 

I've heard from several of you, however, that you don't like shopping for basics due to the sheer amount of options out there. Almost every ethical retailer sells basics of some kind and it can be hard to know where to turn and, most of all, who to trust, when you're designing the core of your wardrobe. 

Encircled, a Toronto-based brand that I've had a major crush on for a while (their founder, Kristi, has even written TWO guest pieces for my blog that you can read here and here), has basics down. They've been designing versatile, sustainable, beautifully-made pieces for years, some that you can wear countless ways, like the Chrysalis Cardi that can be anything from a scarf, to a cardigan, to a romper, to a dress. I KNOW. 


Most recently though, Encircled has set out on a mission to make selecting the basics of your wardrobe as easy as possible. Their new Kits (which are officially launching this week!) allow you to choose three pieces to mix and match with the rest of your wardrobe from their selection of already existing pieces. They were sweet enough to let me try out the process ahead of time and, obviously, I was more than thrilled to fill a few "basic gaps" in my wardrobe. 

The Kit includes your choice of their Minimalist Legging, an Essential Long Sleeve Top, and a Nomadic V -Neck Tee, in the colorway of your choosing. 

Believe if or not, I didn't own a white t-shirt until I received this one in the mail. It, along with the Olive green Essential Long Sleeve Tee, and the Minimalist Leggings in black, came with a "Just the Basics" tote bag that perfectly sums up the mission behind Encircled's Kits. 

Each piece is made of uber-sustainable fabric, which also equates to unbelievably soft and durable as well. The Nomadic V is made of Lenzing Modal, a fabric made from the pulp of beech trees. The Essential Long Sleeve Tee and Minimalist Leggings are both made of a Bamboo/cotton/spandex blend.

I'm wearing a Small in all three pieces and am amazed at how well they fit. The shirts are long enough to cover the booty and just low-cut enough to be able to layer under or over other pieces. The leggings are high-waisted, semi-thin material, but definitely pass the "downward dog test" for see-through-ness. 

Although there are obviously unlimited ways to style these pieces, which I'll be showcasing in upcoming posts, for this one, I wanted to focus on each piece in its "pure" form. They're perfect for lounging in, brunching in, dancing in, cooking in, doing yoga in, working in, sleeping in - you name it. In fact, I can't think of an occasion when, with the right accessories and other pieces, that the items in the Kit wouldn't work for. 

If there's one part of your wardrobe to consider buying brand new, from a sustainable, trusted brand, it's your basics. The pieces you live your life in, the pieces you use to set off your "statement pieces". Great basics are worth investing in, and Encircled makes some of the best I've tried yet. 

Shop their website here and click here to design your very own Basics Kit!


*This post was sponsored by Encircled in promotion of their new Basics Kit launch. All opinions and photos are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that keep SL&Co. running!*

Channeling My Inner Marie Kondo: Tidying Up My Closet

*This piece is a guest post that I hope you'll find particularly helpful if you, as I have many a time, find yourself overwhelmed by clutter in your closet.*  

Marie Kondo is an organization goddess. The KonMari Method is a way of thinking which teaches us to cherish the things that matter and spark joy, and get rid of the things in our lives that don’t. I plan to tackle my closet in this way (and encourage you all to as well). You’ll be amazed by the impact it can have on your well-being.

The KonMari Method is simple. Below are Marie’s rules with my closet-decluttering twist.


Rule 1

Commit yourself to tidying up your closet. Make it a resolution. If you can set aside a few hours on your day off to get this taken care of, you’ll feel great! Think about getting to the final product. It will motivate you to get through the process.

Rule 2

Imagine your ideal closet lifestyle. Do you consider your style to be trendy? Maybe you’re more on the simple and clean side. Allow your closet to be a reflection of your own personal style! If you consider your style to be more on the trendy side, find ways to showcase some of your favorite items such as your shoes. If you are more clean cut, consider adding additional shelves or drawers to keep everything as organized as possible.

Rule 3

Finish discarding and donating old items first. Before you go forward with organizing and adding new items to your closet, figure out which items have got to go! Although it doesn’t seem that simple, try channeling your inner Marie Kondo and ask yourself “does this piece of clothing bring me joy?” If your answer isn’t immediately yes, then you don’t need it! Find other ways to repurpose it. Try taking some old tee-shirts and making a rug! The possibilities are literally endless with upcycling and DIY.

Rules 4 & 5

Tidy by category, style and color. When it comes to the actual organization of your closet, I try to keep similar items together. Sweaters in one area, tanks in another. Of course, all of these are color coordinated. Personally, I attempt a rainbow descent of colors. Same for your shoes! Try to organize them by the style. Not only will this aesthetically look great, but it will make getting ready in the morning much easier!

Rule 6

Ask yourself if it sparks joy, and if it makes you feel like you’re making a difference. When purchasing new items, it’s important to make sure you are buying something that you not only need, but something you’ll wear and actually enjoy.

When I purchase new clothes, I also look for items that leave less of an environmental footprint. Knowing that the clothes I wear not only were made in a sustainable manner but also are made with organic ingredients makes me feel good and proud to wear my clothes. Talk about sparking joy! Two of my favorite sustainable clothing brands are:

Pact: As an organic clothing company, their mission is “searching for new ways to make clothes that aren’t just better for you and your loved ones, but better for the world, too.” Their product offerings range from men, women, children, and babies! They are also an affordable option.

Cariloha: This brand makes their items out of bamboo which is a renewable resource. They not only offer clothes but they also offer bedding and other household items. Their price range is a tad higher but you definitely won’t be breaking the bank!

Are you feeling a bit more zen yet? Try implementing these rules into your decluttering process and let me know how it worked for you!

Tradlands || Made For Her, Made To Last

Tradlands || Made For Her, Made To Last

I remember being a little girl, watching my mom put on her makeup, throw on even the most casual of outfits, and thinking "someday, I want to be as beautiful as she is".

Children are blessed with the ability to see raw beauty, unfiltered by bias or expectation, and to strive for what they see. Now, a mother myself, I'm keenly aware of the way my self-image affects my two daughters. Mara, my youngest, loves putting on "pretties", wearing my shoes, and rubbing my blush all over her face. Evie, soon to be four, is more self-aware, individualistic, and tomboy-ish, but she notices (oh, how she notices) every look I give myself in the mirror, and every piece of clothing I decide to wear, often complimenting me with a "mommy, you look BEAUTIFUL today." 

As a self-proclaimed non-sentimentalist, I rarely think about the longevity of my closet. Sure, I think about fabric quality, and whether or not my pieces will deteriorate after a few wears (as most fast-fashion pieces do,) but words like "heirloom" and "life-time" don't usually enter my line of thought. As strange as it sounds, until I read that it was part of this brand's mission, I wouldn't have even considered the fact that portions of my closet can (and should) be worn for the rest of my life, and then, maybe, passed down to my daughters one day. 

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When Ethical Shopping Becomes Trendy || How To Build A Closet Of Timeless Essentials

When Ethical Shopping Becomes Trendy || How To Build A Closet Of Timeless Essentials

We live in a world of trends. Although it hasn't always been this way, in the Modern era, we've come to believe that clothes are dispensable and that fashion changes quickly. With the womenswear industry unbelievably valued at more than 621 billion dollars (source), it's no wonder that the fast (literally, very fast) fashion industry strives to keep consumers coming back for more.

At least once a week, to be exact. 

Although fashion used to operate on a common-sense Spring/Summer, Fall/Winter continuum, most major brands currently operate within 52 "micro-seasons". Conveniently, one for each week of the year, designed to make you always feel off-trend and like your closet is lacking something. Until, you walk into the mall and pick up that brand new cropped sweater or pair of pants that will finally fill the gap.

Until next week, at least.

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