Season-less Seasons || Simply Styled


I’m oftentimes boggled by the ebbing and flowing of life. The days are long in motherhood, but the years blink by in an instant and suddenly you’re toting your third baby around the zoo, corralling your rambunctious other two, thinking of the days when you were nervous to even leave the house with your first. One thing I’ve come to expect is the “season-less season”, or the constant change. Sometimes it happens slowly, like the growth of a baby or the sharpening of a marriage. Sometimes it’s all at once, like the wake-up call from an old friend or an opportunity you can’t pass up.

For some of us, change is easier to grasp - we look forward to it, savor it, seek it. For others, it’s an ever present battle to hold on to comfort, grasp for the known, and put off change for just another day. I fall somewhere in between each camp, but as much as I’d like to embrace spontaneity and love change, my familiarity, home-loving heart holds on with all its might to every semblance of calm and comfort. Even perceived calm and comfort.

The days are long, but the years are short.

Where do you fall on this “change” spectrum? Does the season-less season irk you too when you look on and see all that’s slipped away and all that’s slipping towards you? Or does it excite you, motivate you, push you on?

I’m trying, not successfully, but really trying, to see the beauty in both sides, knowing that there’s no such thing as the Inbetween and knowing that these season-less seasons, the days that blur into nights, the homework helping, dinner making, business starting, marriage mending, dream chasing/compromising, it’s all pushing us on towards Purpose and Wholeness. If we let it.

These Simply Styled pieces are my favorite (although I don’t do them nearly enough) because they’re not sponsored by any one brand and they give me complete and total freedom to brain dump whatever mess of feelings and words are in my heart at the moment. I get to put on sustainable clothes, write from my heart, and share it with you. What could be better? Only doing it all in person, over coffee, of course.

Let’s talk about something that, aside from my deep conundrum of season-less seasons, is sure to be a debate.

Belt bags. Hip packs? Fanny packs? Guys. They’re back. How does this make you feel?

I, for one, couldn’t wait to get my mama hands on this little one from AWL Snap because I knew just how fun it would be to wear while wearing my babe.

I toted it, and Aria, at the zoo (it was the only bag I brought in, low and behold it’s a true miracle), and wore it behind my back as a shoulder bag most of the day. When AJ grabbed Aria from me though, I seized the opportunity to tighten the strap and test out it’s true fanny pack powers.


I have to say, I’m not at all mad about it.

My dress is breastfeeding and maternity friendly — by Boob Design, of course (read on for a temporary discount code!) and my shoes have been dying to get out of the mountains and onto some acceptable terrain. They’re by Bendy Shoe (I had the owner write a guest post here several years ago. It’s always so fun to watch collaborations come full circle!).

Yesterday was one of the sweetest, happiest days we’ve all had together in a long time. And it got me thinking a lot about change (hence the above random novel), but I’m in love with this little life we lead and I’m so glad I get to do it with these four by my side.

*This post was in partnership with AWL Snap, and I included other items that have been gifted recently to showcase. All opinions, storytelling, and random musings are my own. Use the code BOOBXOLIVIA for 20% off your order at Boob Design from now until 11/17/19*

Simply Styled || A Postpartum Pep Talk


I shared on Instagram a few days ago that I’m learning (slowly and with lots of patience) to put clothes on a body that feels a bit foreign to me. I know the postpartum phase is fleeting, and eventually I’ll “have my body back”, but for now, in the immediate weeks and months following pregnancy and childbirth, things just feel a little abnormal.

I’m getting to know a new soft, squishy tummy where there was recently a hard, round belly, and before that, something relatively flat and fit. My thighs touch where they didn’t before, my hips are wider, my skin reacts differently to things it used to love, even my feet seem to have shifted just enough to cause a noticeable difference in the fit of my favorite shoes.

Pregnancy is beautiful and I’m loving the postpartum phase more now than ever before, but sometimes, dressing a body that doesn’t feel like home yet is strange.

Whether you’ve had a baby or not, chances are women of all ages and lifestyles can relate to the feeling. Period bloat, stressful seasons, a new relationship, a job change, a sickness or new diet — all of these things can affect our bodies in ways we never expected, causing us to embark on a new journey of getting to know ourselves in our present state and push towards health as we are now.


It’s tempting to want to rush to the “get my body back” part of this. It’s tempting to want to try on my old high wasited summer mom jeans that fit a mere 12 months ago. It’s tempting to compare my postpartum body to someone further down the “recovery line”. But this time, the third time, I’m finally content. I’ve found more peace with my present body and have thanked it for not only sustaining me but for growing and sustaining my little Aria.

But there’s a learning curve nonetheless.

I’m leaning hard on wrap silhouettes these days. This top, the Simone Top from Pamut, has been on rotation lately for it’s versatile shape (it can be worn tucked in or out, or reversed) and easy access for breastfeeding (which is just about all I have time to do these days). It’s made of organic cotton gauze and is especially light and airy for the summer months (and for postpartum hormones).

One of my favorite things about this brand is the fact that, although their size chart already goes from a 00-16, they’ll make any customer a piece to fit their body if their measurements aren’t on the size chart. Size inclusivity is something particularly important to me, in addition to sustainable fabrics and ethical production (all of which Pamut achieves beautifully).

Shamless plug for this wonderful brand: if you’re in the market for some extremely high quality pieces that can be easily dressed up or down, use the code “simplyliv” for 20% off an order from Pamut (not an affiliate link, I just love it when you can save money on great clothes).

I paired the Simone Top with my trusty Aurorei linen pants — the pair I had been fantasizing about my entire pregnancy because I missed wearing them so much — and my Nisolo Ama mules.

The outfit looks more elevated than many a cozy-loving-mama’s go to of leggings and tee, but trust me, it's even more comfortable, breathable, and practical. It’s also great for the “getting to know you” phase of my body’s recovery. The silhouette is loose but feminine and it gives me lots of room to breathe and accept.


I hope to share more of these “simply styled” posts and give raw, truthful peeks into my postpartum journey and what that looks like for not only my closet, but for my mental health as well.

What about you? Can you relate to the sentiment of not fully knowing your own body for a time? How have you given yourself grace to grow through those seasons?

Thank you to Pamut Apparel for sponsoring this post — as always, all photos, creative direction, and opinions are my own. Use the code “simplyliv” for 20% off any order at checkout!

Simply Styled || One Blazer, Three Ways

I’m excited to be kicking off a new post format today! Most of my blog posts are pretty detailed, researched, and in depth, but sometimes it’s fun to lighten things up and just share some genuine outfit inspiration featuring a few sustainable pieces. These “Simply Styled” posts will be my attempt to inspire real life outfits for you, get my own creativity flowing, and simplify some of my partnerships to offer a more “for fun” option.

So, without further ado, my very first Simply Styled post, featuring a gorgeously made jacket by La Fille Colette.


Structured blazers are very “in” right now and although I always feel too lawyer-y when I put one on, I love the slight structure of La Fille Colette’s Portmanteau Jacket that gives an outfit a “blazer vibe” without the shoulder pads and formality. I decided to style this piece a few different ways because I’ve been feeling extra “blah” about my style lately — living in leggings at 31 weeks pregnant means this mama needed an approachable way to feel slightly stylish again without being uncomfortable.

Here’s a bit about La Fille Colette before we dive in. Sourced and sewn in Massachusetts, this sweet brand creates pieces for the “feminine and strong woman who seeks versatile, polished pieces to take her from day to night”. They offer up to a size 2x in the Portmanteau Jacket, which is made from Lenzing Rayon (read more about that fabric in my “basics” post from last week!) The jacket has a shawl collar, a removable belt (that I opted out of because it doesn’t wrap all the way around me at the moment ;), side pockets, an a hook and eye closure at the front. It’s fitted through the arms but roomy enough to layer underneath easily.

So here’s my take on the blazer trend: three different styling options for one jacket. None of these looks are maternity specific and most of the pieces are “normal”, meaning anyone should be able to pull pieces from their closets to recreate these looks!

Which is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

Boyfriend Jeans + Graphic Tee


This option is probably the most versatile way to wear the jacket. It’s casual and I’d wear it just about anywhere. The mules help give it a bit of elevation, but if I wasn’t going anywhere fun, I’d probably just wear sneakers.

Tee: ROUND+SQUARE, Jeans: thrifted non-maternity Levis (rubber band trick. friends), Watch: Berg+Betts, Clutch and mules: Kolt Handmade

Breton Striped Dress + Sneakers


Dressed down with sneakers, this outfit is a fun mix of dressy and casual that would be great for a weekend dinner or brunch or anytime I’d want to fill a little extra fancy.

Dress: The Natural Edition (use code LIV20 for 20% off), Purse: Findlay Co. , Shoes: Vans (SUPER old)

Jumpsuit + Booties

DSC_0394 (1).JPG

I ran out of time to shoot this outfit on, but I love how the Portmanteau Jacket elevates the casual jumpsuit. The woven basket adds a hint of spring and the booties dress it up a little bit more.

Jumpsuit: Boob Design (bf-friendly and maternity friendly! Code LIVANDBOOB20 for 20% off), Scarf: ROUND+SQUARE, Booties: Adelante Shoe Co., Bag: Jones + Co.

How would you style this sweet and versatile jacket?

I’m excited to continue this Simply Styled series as I need the occasional style boost or when I get a new piece I need to experiment with.

*I received the Portmanteau Jacket to style for this post. Thank you for supporting the brands that make SL&Co. possible*