Stories of Dressember || Katelyn

**The following words are written by a guest author- not my own. I'm honored to use my platform as a place for other women and men to share their stories of what freedom means and why they're participating in Dressember. The following is a personal, authentic account. 

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You matter.

You’re the reason why my all-jeans closet now has a dress in it.


I’m wearing a dress for you.

A dress made of cotton.

A dress that does not fit the category of pants.


For me and many others,

Dressember is an “opportunity to reclaim and reappropriate the dress as a symbol of freedom and power.”


I’m wearing a dress because I care about safety,

Safety for men, women, and children.


I’m wearing a dress because modern-day slavery disgusts me--

I’m putting a stop to it, one dress at a time.

We’re putting a stop to it, one dress at a time.


We’re saying no to forced labor.

We’re saying yes to respect.


We’re saying no to the sale of humankind.

We’re saying yes to humans being kind.


We can end modern day slavery.

It starts with me, and you.

It starts with each of us empowering one person, and then another.

And then another.  


Would you join me in this fight for freedom, “for the inherent dignity of all people?


Words by Katelyn, Portland, OR 

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