Solios Solar Watches || Sustainable Accessories


Industries around the world dabble in clean energy, and slowly the fashion industry is catching on. Some factories use solar power or other forms of renewable energy, forego chemicals, and reduce their water usage, but there is still a long way to go before it’s the norm.

Luckily for the eco-curious consumer, there are a few brands that move ahead of the curve.

Solios is one such brand who has considered their carbon footprint from the onset and hasn’t been deterred from creating products that merge beauty, practicality, and eco-friendliness. Aside from using green energy and dyes, and eco-friendly materials to create their product (we’ll get to that later!), the product itself runs on clean energy.

It’s a solar powered watch, you guys.

And it’s gorgeous. No battery necessary — Solios’ timepieces rely solely on the sun, saving about 20 batteries per watch. In fact, two hours of sunlight charges this watch for six months.

Although single-use batteries can be recycled, and often are, there are growing concerns about their effects on the environment and on our mental health. A solar powered option is much cleaner to produce and doesn’t consume as many resources, since their lifetimes are much, much longer.


The Eco-Composition

Solios’ watch straps aren’t made of conventional leather, instead they use a PU and PVC-free leather alternative (most vegan leather’s contain PU (ie. polyurethane), making them not only bad for our bodies, but terrible for the environment to produce, so this is a step in the right direction). Their leather, with a recycled plastic interior, is also recyclable, so if there ever comes a point when it’s damaged to the point of no repair, it can be recycled into something new.

They also sell stainless steel mesh straps, if leather isn’t your jam.

Sustainable from the onset, your watch will also arrive in packaging made from recycled material that you can compost or recycle.

We want to enable those wearing Solios to be proud of the positive actions that have been taken and to remember that improving one’s lifestyle is an ongoing process.
— Founders, Solios

Minimal Design

When it comes to aesthetics, Solios intentionally keeps it simple. Their watches are gender neutral, with two face sizes to adjust to your preference. I chose the Eclipse watch with the larger sized face and Eco-Green Leather for a fun “neutral pop” of color — in contrast to my usually very minimal (ehm..camel leather) tastes.

They have a variety of sizes, colors, and watch face styles so that anyone can design the perfect watch that will never run out of batteries.


When a gorgeous, sustainable option exists that’s even more high quality than conventional watch brands, why would you choose anything else?

The brand’s founders admit that perfect is an illusion, but each step towards a more sustainable future is worth taking.

*This brand was sponsored by Solios. As always, all thoughts, photos, and creative direction are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands who make SL&Co possible.*