Slow Fashion Feature || Stormie Dreams

Working with sustainable brands has become one of my favorite parts of my job here at SL&Co. I get to hand pick each brand I work with and let me tell you, it pays off to be picky. Each and every brand I showcase is more than just a fashion company — they're usually a single person, or a small group of people, working tirelessly to make on-trend pieces for consumers who care about the clothes they buy. They're passionate, talented, and educated about the way their production affects others and the environment. 

Kendra from Stormie Dreams was no different. 

Stormie Dreams is an LA based brand who designs pieces that are feminine yet impossibly edgy at the same time. But beyond the aesthetics of their clothes is a brand who truly cares about the impact they have on their community and their customers. Stormie Dreams is 100% American made, using only fabrics that were destined for landfills — giving new life to something another factory would have simply tossed out. No overseas sourcing, no excess. They even mail their packages in zero-waste tote bags. 


They've also partnered with Santa Claus Inc., a San Bernardino County based non-profit, to give clothes to the needy. For every item purchased from their store, they'll give another sustainably made piece and surplus fabric to the organization, who will then use it to help someone in need.

Inspired yet? Me too. 

In this photo, I'm wearing their Caitlyn Tee — as boxy, cropped, flowy tops seem to be my go-to lately. It's most easily worn in warmer weather, but I was determined to make it work for winter too, so I brought out my white tee from Threads 4 Thought and created some layered magic. 

Whether you need a dress, a basic tee, or some high waisted pants, Stormie Dreams has you covered. And with a mission like theirs, it's hard not to support them. 

You can also see them in my list of ethical fashion retailers as well as my list of affordable brands to shop from.