Simple Staples: My Top 7 Most Used Home Items


I’ve shared about A LOT of brands on this little space. Lots of individual features over four or five years can make for a lot of content that you might read about once and forget even existed. Rather than being a “one and done” type of blog, I’ve tried really hard to be picky with my collabs, only accepting sponsors that truly mesh with my lifestyle and day to day needs. Instead of featuring new brands, I thought I’d start a little series where I feature my “most used” pieces that have truly become staples in my house, wardrobe, and life, showing their longevity and that, yes, I really do use the things I feature here.

First up: Simple Staples, Home Goods edition. These pieces are ones that may or may not have been featured on the blog at one point, but they’re items I used daily and ones that have really become mainstays of our home.

What category would you like to see featured next in the Simple Staples series? I’d love to share my most worn pieces in my wardrobe, most used kids’ pieces, etc…. Let me know in the comments below!

  1. Do Good Shop Cloth Napkins

Simple and not the most glamorous start to this list, but I’ve been shocked at how much I use these little squares of fabric. First off, they’re gorgeous, hand made by artisans in India, and sold from a company I admire and loved partnering with. You don’t need anything fancy for napkins, but in a (mostly) paper towel-free home, I rely on these napkins for spills, dinnertime messes, wiping up coffee grounds, and even decorative table settings. They wash extremely well and haven’t dulled a bit since I got them months ago (pictured above).


2. GlobeIn Bowls/Spices/Potholders (and more!)

GlobeIn is another resource that, like Do Good Shop, sells incredibly practical goods that happen to be incredibly beautiful and well-made. I’ve had pieces from their shop for nearly four years (CRAZY) and everything holds up beautifully. Some of my favorite pieces from them are their Malika Pitcher and Bowls, and the, more recently added to my home, potholders (I’ve literally been using a single potholder for about five years, so an upgrade was very welcome), and their spices/seasonings from their lineup of Fair Trade pantry items.

You’ll see more about GlobeIn in the months to come, but for now, know that they’re an amazing resource for just about anything you need for your home.


3. Do Good Shop Storage Baskets

Another find from Do Good Shop that i reach for or utilize daily are their large storage baskets. The biggest size holds our blankets and extra throw pillows in our “living room”, the next size down holds Aria’s extra bedding and blankets underneath her little shelving unit by her bed. I’m excited for the day when we have a bit more space and I can show the baskets off more in “plain sight” but for now, they’re working really well for us!

4. MAIKA Goods canvas buckets and UrbanaSacks paper storage

In a tiny home, smart storage solutions will make or break your sanity. I’ve come to love little baskets and buckets for everything, so that odds and ends have “home” and aren’t just strewn throughout the house. MAIKA Goods sells recycled canvas buckets that work perfectly for our little space (we currently have our medicine and essential oils in a large one and my finger nail polish in the small one), and UrbanaSac’s are a bit sturdier and work well for plants, hair brushes, socks or literally anything else.

5. Ember Mug + Hario V60 Pour Over

This should really go at the top of the list because these two things make it so much easier for me to get out of bed. A V60 pour over is my favorite brew method for at home (follow this tutorial if you’re not sure if you’re doing it correctly!) and my Ember Mug keeps my coffee hot for hours which, as you all know, is every work from home mom’s dream come true.

6. Counter Top Water Filter

My mom got us a counter top water filter (linked here) for my birthday — like a real adult — and it has given me so much peace of mind about what my kids and I are drinking. Filtered water is so important for so many reasons, and since a faucet filter wasn’t compatible with our RV, this counter top version works perfectly.

7. Cloth bags and produce bags

Another random, but much-used piece in my house is the average canvas bag. I get a lot of them from product shipments and use them for everything from storing my girls’ socks and underwear to hanging our fresh fruit in the kitchen. I can only use so many when we grocery shop, so the rest I put to good use storing things around the house.

There you have it! Strange, random, and simple — these items are some of the most used around our tiny home. They’re not flashy, expensive, or even unique, but without them our home wouldn’t function as smoothly.

Do you use any of these items in your home? What are your go-to home pieces? And don’t forget to let me know what Simple Staples category you’d like to see next!

*This post, while not sponsored by any one brand, contains items that were previously gifted or part of a long term partnership with the brand. All opinions and photos are my own.*