Simple Mindset, Simple Life

Simplicity is bliss. Days filled with jargon and unintentional pursuits lead nowhere. We often search for ways to simplify our lives, but the real key is to simplify your mindset first and the rest will more easily follow. 

If we desire a life less complicated, we must start with our mindset. If it's not in line with our desire to live a simplified life, it's going to be rather difficult to turn aspirations into reality. Here are some ways you can simplify your mindset today:


1. Be present:

That's right. All the hype about mindfulness and being present with the here and now, it's true. There really is no time like the present. It's easy to read an article like this one and say to yourself, "I'll start first thing tomorrow morning!" How about you start right now? Even if it's a small step, being intentionally present in the here and now will allow you to free up mind space in the future.

2. You are not your belongings:

Reassess your attachment to your possessions. Do you keep certain things you may not need? Do you buy things you have no use for? Are you assigning emotions to inanimate objects that may help you deal with sentiments or memories? Things are just that: things. They are nothing but that. 

3. What is important to you? 

Make a list of what's most important to you in your life. Prioritize what you value to be most important. Then narrow your list to 5-7 things. Sure, that may seem like a short list, but that's okay. Is it your health, your family, security, friendship, etc. When you write down your list and make it a priority, you solidify your connection with what you value. Reaffirming this will help guide your action toward a simpler life. 

4. Enough is a feast (ancient proverb)

Consume, purchase, consume, purchase, and repeat. We are constantly exposed to advertisements that tell us we need new clothing, better furniture, more food and so on. Do you know what "enough" means to you? Take a moment to figure it out. The next time you're exposed to an influence that insists you need more, take a step back and really question if you need to engage in the cycle of consumption. 

Starting with these tips and building upon that foundation will help you cultivate a mindset that allows you to make your vision of a simpler and uncomplicated life a reality.