Simple Living Made Complicated

It's funny how when I think about living simply, it quickly becomes complicated. Isn't the journey of discovering what minimalism means to each of us supposed to be freeing rather than burdening? I find myself in both camps as I navigate this on the daily; should I do this, get rid of that, make time for this, she said this worked for her so...etc etc. I believe all those thoughts and questions are a good thing, for it keeps me pursuing simplicity in an ever changing world. But I want to be grounded along the way, knowing what will always ring true for me, no matter what season I am.

Over the years I've seen how much of a “lister” I am. The feeling I get when crossing off items on my list is rewarding. I'm more organized when I have something before me. Whether it's the grocery list or bills to pay, I'm more inclined to get it done when I begin to see the check marks make its way onto the page. But as the list increases, it's obvious that my life can easily become just that, a list. I have good intentions to read more or take walks in my neighborhood which bring me peace and space just for myself, but those slowly move to the bottom for when I have completed other tasks.

When I begin to see this become a pattern, I have learned to refocus my attention on the things I want to invest in. I've definitely spent months "doing" instead of being present which has left me more drained and exhausted. This is not how I want to live, just going through the motions. I want to challenge myself in the mundane to find passion, to get out of a rut and add some spice, and exchange ideas from others as to how to live richly and fully (which I personally believe is done best over coffee).

It may look like writing down what it means to live in a simpler way, discussing with friends on what challenges you face, and of course reading from others who are pursuing their own journey. This living simply isn't always easy nor does it look the same for each person, but continuing to discover how it resonates in your life is a journey worth taking everyday.