More Than Jewelry: Spotlight With Purpose Jewelry + iSanctuary

One of the amazing things about venturing into slow fashion is that the majority of brands I've connected with have a mission. More than just making on-trend clothes and accessories with the intention of selling product, they're trying to impact the world for good with the products they create.

When Purpose Jewelry reached out to me for a collaboration, I didn't hesitate to agree. Partly because their pieces are so stunning, but mostly because of what their brand is fighting for. Purpose is part of iSanctuary, an organization founded to give holistic care to survivors of sex trafficking and exploitation, an issue that is particularly close to my heart, and one that you'll be hearing a lot more about in the coming months. 

iSanctuary currently has "sanctuaries" in Orange County, CA and Mumbai, India (the country with the most enslaved people in the world), but according to their 2020 plan, they hope to expand that to ten centers in the near future. 

Their sanctuaries provide holistic care, ranging from medical, educational, emotional, and practical skills, to reintegrate the women they rescue back into society. 

Their jewelry line, Purpose, is the catalyst for this reintegration. Each piece of jewelry they sell is handcrafted by survivors of human trafficking, as part of their rehabilitation process. Teaching these women a profitable trade not only helps give them hope, but it gives them the skills they need to survive and make a living for themselves. 

My "Journey necklace" was hand signed by the woman who made it, and I can't help but picture her in my mind each time I wear it. 

Each purchase you make from Purpose directly benefits the women they're helping. I can't really think of a more worthy cause to support. 

Here's a video about their company so you can learn a little bit more about them: 

You can read more about iSanctuary on their blog, or connect with them on Instagram

Shop a few of my favorite pieces: