7 Mother's Day Gift Ideas for New Moms

Growing up, I remember agonizing over Mother's Day. And mom, since I know you're reading this, I know it probably didn't seem that way, since we defaulted to breakfast in bed every year I can remember- but I did. I wanted it to be special. Somehow, even as a child, I knew the strength, courage, love and selflessness it took to parent my brothers and I was worth celebrating- even if the only way I knew how to do so was by cooking the same breakfast of eggs and toast each Mother's Day morning. Thanks for eating it, mom. 

And now, as a mother myself, I'm in her place. The strong, sleepless, courageous, loving place of motherhood where everyone else comes first- and it's hard. And it (not me specifically, but motherhood in general) deserves to be celebrated, in all its hard, raw, unglamorous, beauty. And though my girls are still too young to cook me breakfast in bed every Mother's Day for ten years straight (husband, that's on you) I know the heart-melting feeling of a gift that came straight from another heart to yours. 

So in honor of that heart-melting motherhood feeling,  I want to share a few gift ideas for new mamas, or any age of mama for that matter, that will go a bit deeper than signing your name on a card. 


 1. Alone Time

Sometimes all a mama wants it to be with no one except herself. No one pulling on her clothes or yelling or asking for food (husband or child...those are all appropriate examples...). Just tell her you'll watch the kids for a day so she can go do whatever the heck she wants. She'll love it.

2. Relaxation

This one doesn't have to be pricey, but it can be if you want to go all out. Pay for a pedicure or facial, or better yet a massage. Know a pregnant mama? Get her a prenatal massage. I guarantee she needs it.

3. A Meal

Offer to cook her a meal one night. Cook for the whole family, or just her, either way it will be a treat. You can even take her out to dinner for some one on one time, if your wallet allows.

4. A Gift Card For Free Coffee

Because she's a mom, that's why.

5. Something Handmade

Even if you're not crafty per se, you can still make something she will love. Print off some photos of her and her kid(s), or you and her, frame it with something pretty, wrap it, and write a note about how she is the best thing you've ever met. Moms love the mushy gushy stuff.

6. If you must stick with a card

At least hand make the card ;) Or do something a little more non-traditional like this mini succulent gift box and a handmade card.

7. Breakfast in Bed

If you live with her. If not, that could get a little weird. It's an oldie, but a goodie. Also, sorry to my mom who endured many (probably too many) years of the same breakfast in bed because we weren't creative enough to think of anything new....if that's you, try something different this year!