Monthly Snapshot // March


Spring is in full force, friends! Despite the random blizzards that seem to be plaguing the mid-west. I'm choosing to ignore them and carry on with all things Spring. 

March was a busy month as usual- I blogged a little bit less here, but had a few guest posts other places as a way to (shamelessly) promote my Capsule Consulting. I also started officially re-working my old blog posts to update them and make sure I wasn't accidentally misusing other people's content (after reading this super informative post from my friend Leslie). 

Here's what we've been up to: 

- The first official meet-up for the Writing Collective happened last week! I lead the local (tiny) chapter here in NE, but after only a few months, our little writer's group has grown by leaps and bounds! (Join us here if you're looking for fellow writers to connect with!)

- Pre-blizzard, we actually had some amazingly warm temps. We decided to take Evie and Mara fishing :) 

- We had a relaxing Easter at home. AJ had to work during the day, so we went to church at night. During which, Evie fell asleep and Mara insisted on spilling cheerios everywhere and making eye contact with everyone in the row behind us. 

I Blogged: 

What were the highlights of your month? Tell me in the comments below!