My Motherhood Essentials Simplified || With MATTER Prints

Motherhood is rarely simple. In fact, in my experience, it's usually the opposite. 

Whether you're sorting through "must have" lists during your first pregnancy, unsure of what you really need and what you can go without, or are dealing with piles of gifted toys from well-wishing relatives for your little's birthdays, raising kids comes with a lot of stuff. Most of which, isn't really essential. 

I've talked many times about how becoming a mom at the young age of 20 was what catapulted me into my love for slow living. Downsizing, living with less, and going through the mundane everyday as intentionally as possible usually feels like it opposes the "natural" flow of stereotypical motherhood. 

However, having fewer things, usually means being able to own better things and, most importantly, making time for better moments. 

Today, I want to share how that mindset flows into my everyday life through something practical and simple: the contents of my bag. More than a typical "what's in my bag" post, this post, in partnership with MATTER Prints and their soon-to-be-launched pouches, is meant to show how minimalism and intentionality can trickle into every area of your life, right down to what you carry around with you on a daily basis. 

My motherhood "essentials" aren't that out of the ordinary or spectacular, but they are chosen with intentionality with both convenience and health in mind. 

But first, a bit about this gorgeous pouch and the brand behind it. You may remember my first post on MATTER Prints from a few months ago featuring their Easy Dhoti style pants. Although I still wear my pants frequently (they're my favorite road trip pants,) I'm so glad my relationship with MATTER didn't stop there. In the coming months, I've got some very exciting content planned with the Singapore based brand, and I can't wait to show you. 

One of my favorite things about MATTER is the way they create prints using time-honored techniques of artisans all over the world, valuing transparency each step of the way.

The print on the pouch above is called Leharia. It was one of their original designs, and now, they've brought it back in pouch form. 

Each print in their collection has an equally beautiful story behind it, making their designs as unique as the person wearing them. And that fact alone makes me excited to carry my pouch with me every day. 

Although what I carry in my bag varies as my girls get older and the seasons change, currently (with an almost-4-year-old and an almost-2-year-old) my essentials are as follows: 

  • A few diapers for my youngest who refuses to potty train. (Disposable, yes. I hadn't mustered up the courage to try reusable diapers and by the time I started moving towards zero-waste, potty training seemed too near to make the switch. Next time, I promise! ;) 
  • Gentle lotion for sensitive skin
  • My (literally) essential oils. Lavender and melaluca are both safe and gentle on toddler skin and can be used for everything from calming fevers to soothing bug bites to coaxing them into taking a nap (sometimes...) 
  • Chapstick for mama. My current favorite is from Alaffia
  • A journal to jot down blog ideas, room designs for our new house, or inspiring quotes I come across. 
  • A reusable "zip lock" bag to stash the necessary snack in for our outings. 

All of these things easily fit inside the pouch which I slide into my ENAT Everyday Tote. I usually also carry my cell phone (with my biodegradable Pela Case,) and my Malia Designs wallet, and my Keep Cup for the inevitable coffee run. 

A few other ideas for MATTER's pouch: 

  • A clutch for a classy night-out accessory
  • A make-up bag to use for travel
  • An Ipad or tablet sleeve
  • An organizer for writing supplies in a backpack

*This post is in partnership with MATTER Prints. As always, all sponsored posts are authentic and hand selected by me. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Simply Liv & Co. possible! #sponsored*