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By now, you're probably no stranger to MATTER Prints. Their beautiful pieces have made a few appearances on SL&Co, as well as many of my favorite fellow slow fashion blogs across the blogosphere. But, although these posts are thus far sponsored by MATTER, I assure that the hype surrounding this Singapore-based brand is all true. As I've worked with the brand on several blog posts, reviewed their pieces, and used them in real life (often — my MATTER pieces are some of the most worn and loved in my closet), I never cease to be inspired by their commitment to doing things in a truly slow, ethical, innovative, and creative way. 

Each of their pieces, as I've written before, tell a beautiful story. From the hands who design the patterns, to the traditions behind each print, to the artful and beautiful way their pieces fall on the bodies who wear them. In fact, story telling is one part of their threefold mission, where they hope to encourage consumers to value process and provenance — the beautiful stories behind how each piece is made. 

And the story telling doesn't stop once the product leaves their hands. It continues with the consumer as conversations are sparked, eyes are caught, and even as relationships are formed. (Seriously. I can't tell you the amount of times I get asked about where I got my pants when I wear these out. They're the perfect conversation piece, with a story I'm so excited to share each time). 

I'm wearing their classic wideleg pants in the IChing print. The jade + pearl combination is simultaneously modern and vintage — the colors remind me, fondly, of my own grandmother — and pair surprisingly well with most tops in my closet despite the statement print. 

They're made of 100% crepe silk which feels effortless and elegant, perfect for summer heat or worn with a cardigan and booties in cooler weather. 

Continuing with the story telling, the IChing print is one of MATTER's many block printed designs, which has an entire heritage all its own. MATTER works with block printers in India who continue to uphold the tradition and art behind the practice. 

This particular print, IChing, features symbols for fire and water, meant to convey spontaneity and calculation, a carefree spirit and precision, in a single print. 

The fact that one piece of clothing can convey so much history, art, functionality, and community is incredible. 

Steps towards sustainability: 

MATTER has a growing collection of pieces made with organic and silk fabrics, these pants are only a small sampling of the gorgeous collection. Their organic fabrics are made with 100% organic cotton, an introduction that is intended to be a positive step in their journey towards sustainability. Although their pieces have always been ethically created and sourced, the addition of eco-friendly materials is another reason to love the brand even more. 

We see sustainability as a journey of small actions; it’s about the decisions we make everyday, as individuals and businesses, that come together to collectively affect greater change. 

Along with organic cotton, MATTER has also introduced silk to their line up of naturally made fibers and, as this is the first 100% silk item that I own, I can testify that the beauty of the fabric goes deeper than it's sheen and effortless drape.

It pairs beautifully with the block printed design and is truly an investment piece worth considering, if you're in the market for versatile pants that can take you from country to country or from coffee shop to coffee shop. 

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