Liz Alig || Effortlessly Fair Trade

Effortless. Transparent. Slow. Fair. 

These are only a few of the words that Liz Alig uses to describe their business model. If there was a brand to value all aspects of ethical, sustainable, and slow fashion equally, they would be it. 

I first heard of Liz Alig very soon after my commitment to shop ethically well over a year ago. At the time, even with my limited knowledge of what ethical, sustainable fashion really was, I was impressed with their commitment to creating ethical fashion that was actually (gasp...) fashionable. Their designs are far from boring and are meant to be worn comfortably, in your real day to day life.

After Elizabeth (the founder) spent time living in Kenya, India, and Honduras, she was hit with the revelation that real, living, breathing, dreaming people were making the clothes that we buy and wear everyday. She thought that if she could give the women making clothing a chance at a better life, it would have a ripple effect that would touch entire communities. 

She was right, and several years later Liz Alig partners with NGO's in Honduras, Ghana, El Salvador, Nepal, Bolivia, Guatemala, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Haiti, Kenya, India, and even Nashville. How's that for a ripple effect? 

The impact that a fair wage, a quality job, and excellent fabrics can have is extraordinary and Liz Alig is doing amazing things to make it happen for so many women around the world. 

The shorts that I'm wearing and received for review are the Ray Shorts. Printed on 100% cotton using an Indian block printed design, these shorts are just one of the hand block printed designs that Liz Alig carries. 

liz alig 5.jpg

Designed and printed in a small NGO at the foot of the Himalayas, the women who made my shorts (and the other pieces in the block printed line) are receiving education, a living wage, and empowerment through working with both Himalayan Tapestry and Liz Alig. 

Unlike other cotton pieces I own, the texture of these shorts is a bit sturdier and rough, that soften with each wear and wash. The pattern is just subtle enough to be mixed with other colors and patterns, but just bold enough to stand on it's own as a statement piece. 

Liz Alig has such a wide variety of designs and styles that it's incredibly difficult to decide on a favorite piece (I mean, LOOK at these overalls). But you can rest assured that no matter what style you end up choosing, the hands who made it were treated fairly and that the garment was designed slowly and with intention to be a loved and well-worn addition to your closet. 

You can shop their summer line here or view a few of my favorite pieces below by clicking on the photo:

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