Lauren Morgan Co. || Traceable, Sustainable Outerwear

*This post is in partnership with Lauren Morgan Co. in support of their Kickstarter campaign*

If there's one thing that can be hard to shop ethically for, it's outerwear. Basics, sweaters, pants, shoes- those can all be found fairly easily (or, with a bit of help from an eco-fashion enthusiast ;) , but some things are hard for even me to find. 

I don't live in the rainiest climate, but having a well insulated, waterproof coat is a must during our cold, snowy, Colorado winters (bonus points for one that's ethically and organically made). 

Today, I'm introducing Lauren Morgan Co., a brand based in the Northeast still in their kickstarter phase. Their jackets are made fully in the US, which, as I noted in my last blog post, isn't always a "trustworthy" claim. However, in Lauren Morgan Co.'s case, their transparency is admirable and actually traceable. For example, their 100% GTOS Certified organic cotton is grown in Lubbock, TX and spun into yarn for the canvas in North Carolina. Everything from the snaps and grommets to the elbow patches and lining is made in the US by fairly paid employees. 

Their first collection features two styles for both men and women- a longer trench-coat style jacket (the Noreaster), and a shorter, utility jacket (the Downeaster). 

And, like many of my favorite brands have done before, Lauren Morgan Co. is currently raising money to fund their first collection (they're fully funded - hooray! - but each new backing provides funding for their first collection.) 

These jackets are beautifully versatile, slowly (and domestically) made, and perfect for most climates. Pre-order your own jacket here and be sure to follow along with their full launch once their campaign ends on Jan 1st!