Introducing Kennebecker || A Bag That Multi-Tasks As Much As You Do

*This post is part of a partnership with Kennebecker. All opinions, photos, and creative direction are my own.*

Don't worry, this isn't just another "purse review". Sometimes, I feel like blogging is really just promoting one handbag after another. I've reviewed two others in the history of my blog (which, really, isn't that insane), and each one is ingeniously designed by brands that I've researched, interviewed, and ultimately, respect and recommend. 

I'm not a "purse person" (say that ten times fast...) by nature, but life with two toddlers and with a job that requires me to be prepared to work from almost anywhere, means that a sturdy, sizeable, versatile tote is a must. 

My goal is to provide you with resources, brands, and products that are of course, ethically made, but even more importantly, practical for your real life. This isn't a "high fashion" blog. I'm a real mom with a real job and I need a handbag that is a "real" as everything else in my life. 

While I still LOVE and use my ENAT and MyFight totes frequently, since both are made of genuine leather, they can be hard to care for in the event of a spill or the inevitable rain or snowstorm, or you know, a toddler-storm. 

When Laura of the Brightly Co, and founder of the wonderful brand I'm about to introduce you to, reached out to me to see if I'd be interested in showcasing her newest design, I jumped on it as soon as I could. 

And you'll see why as soon as you see more. 


Kennebecker, believe it or not, is made of 100% washable, waterproof cotton. It has a removable inner-layer, and has enough space to fit a laptop, journal, makeup bag, or a ton of cheerios and diapers. 

Laura spent an incredible amount of time researching factories, and fabric to make the end product as sustainable, fair, and of course, practical as possible. Kennebecker is currently prepping for it's first production run via Crowdfunding and is offering a special discounted rate for pre-orders

But before you click over to order your newest "everything" bag, I'm excited to share a little behind the scenes chat with Laura: 


Where do you draw your inspiration for Kennebecker?

I'm surrounded by millennial women who are "doing it all" (doing stellar professional work, keeping up with family and friends, working out, etc.) and I wanted to create a bag that they could use in all of their activities. I'm really inspired by how women are starting to direct some of the worldwide conversation around women's issues back to our feelings and passions versus having them dictated to us.

Can you tell us a little bit about the backstory? 

I used to live and work in Seattle, where it rained a ton. I went on a search for a messenger bag and couldn't find one that I thought was minimal and well-designed enough to both protect my gear and look chic when I went out to see friends after work. I was inspired by the look heirloom hunting and fishing bags, and gave them a modern twist.

 What is your "daytime job" if different from running your start up?

I wear many hats as a creative, yet tech-focused person. I recently launched the Brightly Co., a social impact powered marketplace that showcases sustainable homegoods and fashion. And I do work with Adobe on a suite of tools they've built for entrepreneurs called Spark.

 Coffee, tea, or neither?

I'm a coffee fanatic (and I'm currently on the hunt for sustainable coffee companies, my current favorite is Algorithm Coffee out of Berkeley, right next door to me!) but I also love tea. I'm drinking a cup of Neakita's Freedom right now. 

After the Crowdfunding Campaign is over, what's next for Kennebecker?

I've got a few more functional yet well designed products up my sleeve, including a wallet and a mini version of the signature Kennebecker bag.

If you could sum up the "Kennebecker woman" in one sentence, who would she be?

She's a woman who values function equally as much as she does fashion, and she's constantly on the run trying to do everything (she's succeeding in her own way, like we all are!)


Pre-order a Kennebecker for yourself or a loved one here