Karton || Cardboard Reimagined


If you've been following along on SL&Co.'s social media for the past few months, you'll know that my family and I are right in the middle of packing up everything we own, downsizing, and moving to a small town in the mountains of Colorado. It's been a busy phase, but I can't stop thinking about our new house/condo/apartment (to be determined...) and how I want to decorate it with so much more intention than in our previous homes. 

As I journey into slow living, I've realized that ethical shopping and sustainable living applies even in the pieces I choose to fill my home with. Although decorating sustainably and ethical takes more time, money, and research than just going to Target and buying a new rug, it immediately fills your home with literal culture, value, and stories, without costing the environment. 

One of the brands I'm so excited to bring with me on our new adventure is Karton. Taking eco-friendliness to a new level, this brand creates furniture out of a material that most people would consider to be trash: cardboard. 

I know. I was as surprised as you when I first learned about them. 

To give me a quick sampling of their work, they sent over one of their Hex Stools for me to review and share about, and to be completely honest, I don't know why I didn't think of buying from them sooner. Not only are their pieces amazingly modern and eco-friendly, they're childproof, incredibly durable, and can match any space. 

Although we aren't settled in our new space yet, I decided to set the stool up ahead of time to bring a bit of homey-ness to our temporary space (my mother-in-law's house ;) and dream up new design ideas with it. 

The Hex Stool is the perfect end table, bedside table, playroom stool, or anything your imagination can dream up. And when you're ready to recycle it? It makes the perfect blank canvas for artistic kiddos. 

Karton doesn't just stop with making stools though. They've designed everything from bed frames and dressers, to room dividers and office desks designed to support computers. I love the simplicity and functionality behind their designs and can't wait to buy some more pieces to fill our new home with in the very near future. 

*This post is in partnership with Karton Group. As always, all sponsored posts are authentic and hand selected by me. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Simply Liv & Co. possible! #sponsored* 

Think cardboard can only be used once and thrown away? Think again. This brand is reimagining what cardboard can be.