It's More Than Downsizing: Why Minimalists Should Care About the "Big Issues"

Let's interrupt our normal slough of posts on practical simple living tips to talk about what I believe is the heart behind minimalism — or at least, one of the many benefits of it. 

I could talk about why I love capsule wardrobes, or the benefits of de-cluttering your house all day long. I probably have, in fact. But one thing I don't talk enough about on this little corner of the internet is the why behind it all. Besides benefits like less stress, a more cohesive home and wardrobe, and (I would argue) the ability to enjoy life more fully, why do I preach simple living night and day? 

Although it's not the only reason to jump on the simple living bandwagon, I believe that living with less and adopting a simpler view of life opens up the doors to care about issues beyond your home. 

Minimalism is about more than capsule wardrobes and perfectly styled houses. Once you've done the hard work of downsizing, there's room for far more important things. Read why I believe minimalists should be champions for the causes they believe in.

Even though most of the pieces we share discuss topics within the walls of your home, as you become more content with where you're at in life, there opens up a whole new realm outside of your home. A realm where injustices occur and life is far from simple. 

I believe that the minimalist should be a champion of these causes — regardless of your religion, or social or political status. When we're not focused on accumulating more, how can we not speak up for the issues laid on our hearts? 

In the coming weeks and months, you're going to hear more and more about topics near and dear to my heart — as uncomfortable as they may be to discuss. Things like human trafficking and the injustices of the fast fashion industry, namely. 

I don't think this is a shift in focus from where we're at now. On the contrary, I think it's the natural progression of the discussion we've been having. As I worked tirelessly to minimize my physical clutter, I also downsized my "heart clutter" as well (a topic we discuss frequent on SL&Co.), and with less overall clutter in my life, I had room for passions bigger than my home and my closet to ignite. you become more content with where you’re at in life, there opens up a whole new realm outside of your home. A realm where injustices occur and life is far from simple.

Obviously, I'm not saying that you have to be a minimalist to care about social injustice—  far from it, actually. I'm simply noting the correlation I've noticed between simple living and taking action. Once you've simplified, don't be content, at least not fully. 

Be content with what you have, but remember that the willpower you used to downsize (because we all know it takes actual guts to get break the hold our "stuff" has), to speak up for the voiceless, to shine a light on the issues not everyone knows about, to be a champion for whatever cause tugs at your heart. 

Because if we de-clutter only for the sake of de-cluttering, is it really worth it? 

This fall and winter, although you'll still see our usual content full of tips, tricks, and real life stories, I'm going to use this platform to raise awareness for the 4.5 million victims of sex slavery worldwide. I will be participating in Dressember (you can join my team, read more, or donate here), using the funds from my still-in-the-works course to donate to the cause, and sharing facts, interviews and stories from women and brands who are committed to making a difference. 

Will you join me? 

I truly believe that your voice matters. What will you use it for?