In The Spotlight: Interview With Sara From MarieLynn Skin Care

I'm so excited to have Sara from Marie Lynn Skincare sharing a little bit about her story and business today. She owns an organic, small batch skincare line located in central Nebraska. I rave about her products because not only are they completely natural, they work! 

SL&Co.: Tell us a little bit about you and your business! What do you think sets you apart from other skin care lines out there? 

Sara: I am a stay at home mama of four. A Passion to find naturally health and skincare solutions for my family turned into a lot of research and DIY enthusiasm, and eventually there happened to be enough interest from other mamas looking for the same thing... and a business was born! I think my personal story and genuine approach to business gives me a unique edge; but I love that there is room for all in this world of natural skin care. 

SL&Co.: How do you use your products at home? A mom of littles myself, I'm always on the look out for organic and pure products!

Sara: Me too! And I'm more than happy to purchace those things that I don't make and support other businesses who are offering safe products. I use my salve for TONS of kid-related things. Bug bites, itchy/dry skin, chapped cheeks, diaper rash. I used it under my eyes as an intense night cream during the super dry times this Winter. 

I always keep my waterless hand cleanser in my diaper bag in place of hand sanitizer and have replaced all of my room sprays/fabric refreshers with nontoxic versions that I make with essential oils. Eliminating synthetic fragrances was a big step in calming down my daughter's skin irritations when she was a baby. 


SL&Co.: Does living in a small town affect your business at all? What would you say to someone who feels tied down by their location? 

Sara: Absolutely geography and demographics affect business, but that's the beauty of the web. Social media platforms like Instagram, blogging, Twitter and Periscope are fantastic (and free!) ways to get your name, business and product outside of your city limits. I recommend being very present and available in your location, especially in a small town... they are your people! 

But when the town is small enough that sustainable growth is not happening, get online and begin to develop a voice and presence there. It takes time and patience, but it's rewarding to connect with people outside of your location and demographic. I, personally, am Instagram-smitten and it's my favorite social media platform. Someday I'll catch up with the times and get on Twitter!

You can follow along with Sara and her business on Instagram.

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