7 Ways Minimalism Can Reduce Your Stress

Anyone who has been around these parts for a while (we're talking four or five years....you're the real mvp's here) knows that my love — er, obsession— for simplifying everything sprang from a time when my life wasn't exactly "simple". Reeling from the shock of an unexpected pregnancy (lovingly referred to as Evie, these days,) and the complications that situation added to an already up and down relationship (lovingly referred to these days as Anthony the husband, who is amazing,) I had an intense desire to simplify the excess in my life so that I could focus on what really, really mattered in my life. 

That was four years ago, and although minimalism has taken on a lot of different forms in my life, it's been a unifying thread in every aspect of my life — from the things I eat, to the clothes I buy, to the way I raise my daughters, to the way I decorate my (usually messy) house. 

One of my favorite things about a simpler lifestyle is that it *should* drastically reduce the amount of stress in it as well. I've talked about how being too busy is the enemy of minimalism, but I've never really dove into the realm of de-stressing before. 

Obviously, being a minimalist doesn't mean that your life will magically be easy and perfect. It's not a solution to every problem. But intentionally simplifying your life does have a plethora of life changing benefits that will make your life easier. Here are a few ways minimalism will reduce the stress in your life: 

Is one of your resolutions to reduce the amount of stress in your life for 2017? Adopting a simpler lifestyle is a surefire way to do just that. Here are 7 ways minimalism WILL reduce the stress in your life.

1. You don't have to feel guilty for saying no

Learning to say no isn't always easy. Especially if you're a people pleaser or just love to be busy. However, adopting a simpler lifestyle creates room to just be. It teaches you to intentionally carve out time to rest, take care of yourself (body and soul) — and usually it means saying no to things that aren't accomplishing that. 

2. You can make fewer, better, and more informed purchases 

I was just talking with a friend about how it's impossible to apply minimalism to only one area of your life. For me, it started with my closet, but I soon realized that simplifying my closet without doing the same to the rest of my life was a little bit silly and kind of hypocritical. 

When you're buying fewer things, be it a new piece of clothing or a new hanging for your wall, you can ensure that the things you do buy fit with your home/closet/lifestyle and are quality, ethical purchases

3. You can spend less time staring into your closet

Admittedly, one my favorite parts of minimalism is the consciously curated wardrobes that come with it. Creating capsule wardrobes (or just a simplified and cohesive one) ensures that you only have clothes you LOVE that all go well together. It's a hard process, but one that it well worth the effort. 

Looking for capsule wardrobe help? Check out our course The Art of Simple Living, or these posts on creating capsule wardrobes

4. And less time cleaning and re-cleaning

As a mom of two toddlers, having a house with less clutter is HUGE. I've intentionally simplified the toys my girls have, as well as the amount of decorations and basically everything else in my home so that cleaning is simple and (again) streamlined. 

5. You can prioritize self-care

Since you won't be spending all of your time cleaning, getting dressed, and committing to social events you don't want to go to, you can actually prioritize taking care of YOU. Even when you're a mom, or work a full-time job, or have big goals that require lots of hustling, taking care of yourself can still be a priority if you're intentional with the way you spend your time. 

6. You can de-clutter your online presence 

One of the aspects of life that doesn't get discussed as frequently is the "cutter" that can occur in your online life. Endless emails, subscriptions, friends and followers can get overwhelming. It takes work to de-clutter online, but it's well worth the effort. 

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7. Your home will be a retreat

Coming home should be a relief, not an added stress. On a purely aesthetic level, minimalists usually take lots of time curating a home they love and feel comfortable in. 

Has embracing minimalism reduced the amount of stress in your life?