Feller Shades || Wooden Sunglasses That Give Back

I've always loved sunglasses. For as long as I can remember, a pair of sunnies always seemed like the most versatile accessory to any outfit. I went through the giant "bug eye" sunglasses that are much to big for your face phase, the aviators phase (which I'm still kind of in, I won't lie,) and the cheap-o pair from Forever 21 that breaks within 16 minutes of leaving the store phase. 

The only phase I think I've yet to hit is the "lifetime commitment" sunglasses phase. The kind of sunnies that real adults wear. The glasses you reach for over and over, wear with every outfit, and keep safe and sound for years to come.

Feller Shades has eased me into that phase of my sunglasses journey with their handmade, wooden, endlessly classy and unique glasses. 

Since the glasses are made from sustainably sourced wood (from non-endangered trees grown on plantations in South East Asia,) no two pairs are alike. Some are made from repurposed skateboard decks or other upcycled materials. Their designs are classic with a twist — making them unlike any other pair you can find in stores. 

Feller, started by brothers Zac and Mac Kish in Ann Arbor, MI, not only focuses on designing unique sunglasses for both men and women, but prioritizes sustainability and ethics in every aspect of their business. 

Although their "about" page is impressively transparent (YES TO TRANSPARENCY,) I'll share a quick snippet of why I admire them so much: 

  • They know exactly where their glasses are made (in a fair wage factory in Nanjing, monitored closely by the guys at Feller to ensure safe working condition and fair pay). 
  • They know exactly what their glasses are made of (wood sourced from non-endangered trees in South East Asia) 
  • For every pair purchased, Feller plants a tree via the National Forest Foundation
  • They have recyclable cases and eco-friendly packaging 
  • They have a discount code for SL&CO. readers ;) so keep reading....

The folks at Feller were sweet enough to send both AJ and I a pair to review and I think it's safe to say that we've both entered the "lifelong commitment" phase of our sunglasses life. 

I chose the Lolo glasses in rosewood and AJ chose the Baker glasses and we've been wearing them nonstop. Both pairs have a sturdy feel to them, with frames that are wide enough to fit almost any head size and metal spring hinges to give them extra flexibility without feeling like they're flimsy.  

The lenses are polarized, for added eye-protection and comfort. 

Feller also offers a variety of styles, if you, like me, aren't exactly sure which "sunglasses phase" you're in yet. 

If you're unsure about spending a bit more on a quality pair of sunnies (I call it an "investment piece",) think of it like this, their shades are priced similarly to Ray Bans, TOM'S, or Oakley's, BUT are 100% sustainably and ethically made, unlike other brands.

Are they more expensive than a pair you could pick up at Target? Of course. But the quality and integrity that goes into each pair makes them well worth the price. 

**Plus, Zac and Mac have offered SL&CO readers 20% their entire order using the code "simplyliv20"** So, really, how can you say no? ;) 

A key element in being sustainable is transparency. If you are not honest and allow the consumer, whom you are accountable to, knowledge of your sustainable process, how sustainable could you really be?
— Feller Shades

*This post was compensated by Feller Shades. As always, all sponsored posts are authentic and hand selected by me. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Simply Liv & Co. possible! #sponsored*