Ethical Holiday || An Affordable Gift Guide For Him

He may be low maintenance, but for some reason, Christmas shopping for my husband is always the hardest part of the holiday. I know him and what he needs, and yet, I find myself stumped each year because guys are just so darn hard to shop for. 

Adding ethics to the mix makes things even more difficult. It's one thing to run to Target and pick up a new set of steak knives or a new flannel, but when you're hoping to find conscious gifts for everyone on your list, things can get pricey really quickly. This gift guide focuses solely on items that are both practical and affordable- without sacrificing ethics. Everything is under $100 (except one splurge gift) and each piece is hand picked by me including brands I've personally worked with or researched. There may even be a discount code or two thrown in just for fun ;) 

Happy shopping! 

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1. Capsule Subscription || Triptych Capsules


If you're hoping to ease your man into ethical shopping or even intentional wardrobes, Triptych is the way to go. Their packages include two tees and a pair of high quality chinos that are perfect for casual or workwear. AJ received one a while back and loves each piece. Versatile and high quality. 

Buy it here: The Urban Capsule ($70)



2. Socks Gift Box || Thought

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Socks. The essential that every guy gets for Christmas anyway. Why not make it a sustainable and fun option? Thought is one of my most favorite brands, with options for both men and women. Their sock gift boxes are made up of four pairs of socks made of bamboo and will add a fun pop to your guys' closet without going overboard. 

Buy it here: Men's Woodland Bamboo Sock Gift Set (23) 







3. "Wilderness" Magazine Subscription

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The "brother production" of Darling, Wilderness is meant to encourage a man's sense of wonder and wild. A year's subscription, including three issues, is only $45, and will provide your man with inspiration all year long. 

Buy it here: Wilderness Collective 3 pk. ($45)







4. Franklin Folding Wallet || EarthHero


Every guy needs a sturdy, practical wallet that they can toss in their pocket or backpack and easily access wherever they are. This compact (and affordable) wallet is made from recycled inner tube rubber and is just one of the many options that EarthHero, one of my favorite marketplaces for sustainable living, carries. 

Buy it here: Franklin Folding Wallet ($34) 

*use the code simplyliv10 for 10% off any item in their shop! Offer valid till the end of 2017*




5. Sustainable Tee || Toad & Co.


Toad & Co. is one of our favorite brands and although their pieces can get pricey, a t-shirt is relatively affordable and is made from organic cotton and recycled polyester. 

Buy it here: Fresh Pow Short Sleeve Tee ($35) 








6. Wood Watch || JORD


If you're hoping to splurge a little bit on a nice gift for a guy in your life, JORD Wood watches are an excellent choice. I have one of their watches myself, which are fairly gender neutral, incredibly well-made, and as sustainable as a watch can be, for an affordable price for a watch. 

Buy it here: Fieldcrest watch ($139)





7. Handmade Beanie || Krochet Kids

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Last year, I bought AJ a Krochet Kids beanie and the quality was unmatched. They have a wide variety, all handmade by women and men in countries working to rise out of poverty. Each piece is signed by the person who made it, for an extra personal touch. 

Buy it here: the Helm beanie ($22)




8. Organic Sweatpants || Pact Organic

Screenshot 2017-11-09 at 11.23.32 PM.png

Pact is one of the leading brands in the organic casual-wear realm (not a category? It's possible I just made that up.) I love each and every piece I have from them, and love that I can count on their pieces to be affordable and well-made. These sweats are perfect for a day of lounging. 

Buy them here: Sweatpants ($55)









9. Sustainable Earbuds || Sudio Sweden


For music lovers, Sudio's headphones offer unmatched quality with as much sustainability as is possible in the tech industry. These earbuds are relatively affordable and would make the perfect practical gift. 

Buy it here: Klang Earbuds ($48, sale price) 

Use the code SIMPLYLIV for 15% off!




10. Hardcover Notebook || Globe In

For the guy who likes to write, journal, or take notes, these beautiful emerald foiled journals from Globe In would be the perfect addition to his writing repertoire. Globe In is a fair trade subscription service that offers individual or a collection of goods from artisans all over the world. 

Buy it here: Hardcover notebook ($30)







11. DIY Beer Kit || Bambeco

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My husband is a craft beer enthusiast, so for the past few years, he's gotten beer kits from family for gifts so that he can experiment with brewing his own. This beer making mix from Bambeco is surprisingly affordable and perfect for beer enthusiasts of all levels of expertise. 

Buy it here: Beer making mix ($22) 







*This post, while not sponsored, may contain affiliate links which means I will make a (very) small profit if you make a purchase from one of the links. Happy shopping!*