Motherhood & Ethical Fashion


I’m frequently asked what the “catalyst” was for my obsession with ethics and living a “slow, conscious lifestyle”. What drove you to this point? Have you always lived an “eco-friendly” life? Was there a tipping point when you quit fast fashion?

And my answer, always, without hesitation, is when I became a mom.

Of course, motherhood is laced with responsibility and exhaustion and keeping another human (or two or three) alive and mostly clean, but, what I wasn’t expecting was the (literal and figurative) wake-up call that becoming a mom would be for my lifestyle.

I got pregnant at 19. I wasn’t married, although I was with the man I intended to marry, if that counts. I had no idea how to hold a newborn baby, much less grow one inside my body, give birth to it, and then assume the title of “mom”. Life, at that point, was chaotic, exciting, stressful, and a mess. As most new moms can relate to, the act of “becoming a mom” isn’t simple, smooth, or easy in the least. Rather, it’s filled with life-changes, irreversible body alterations, unmet plans, and of course, lots and lots of excitement and love.

Evie, my oldest, was born a few months after I turned 20, and I loved her fiercely. I still do, for the record. But what does all of this have to do with ethics or where I choose to buy something as simple as a basic white tee?

Simply put, it has everything to do with it.

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