Spring Cleaning || Detox Your Wardrobe

Whether you're the capsule wardrobe building type or not, chances are you've spent some time this Spring downsizing (or wanting to downsize) your closet. I know the feeling of being overwhelmed by a cluttered closet and sometimes, after a long winter, a good, old fashioned Spring cleaning is just what your closet needs to whip back into shape. 

This spring, more than any other season, I've put a lot of work into curating the most cohesive, small, and practical wardrobe that I can; filled with pieces I truly love and wear often. However, that didn't happen overnight. Like most things, developing your style, even from season to season, takes effort and time. 

This "Spring Cleaning" series is all about uncommon areas to detox, and although your closet might be your go-to area to clean out, these tips may be ones you haven't thought of yet. 

Spring cleaning is about more than dusting your shelves after a long winter. Try these five tips to give your spring wardrobe a needed refreshing as well.

1. Put away your out of season pieces

Unless you live in a season-less climate, you probably have pieces that you won't be wearing for the next few months. Instead of letting them take up unnecessary space in your closet, fold or roll them up neatly and put them in a tote for Fall/Winter. 

I only keep out 25 or so pieces of clothes for each season and place the rest in a tote that I keep at the bottom of my closet. It keeps everything close together (which helps when I need to take stock of what I have,) but cuts the clutter. 

2. Donate clothes you haven't worn all year or don't see yourself wearing this season

If you're overwhelmed by clothes, consider downsizing by donating the pieces you haven't worn all year (or, if you're extra bold, try donating the ones you haven't worn in 3-6 months). Chances are, you're already living out of a capsule wardrobe but didn't realize it because your closet is full of pieces you don't really even wear. 

3. Choose a color scheme

This spring, I intentionally mapped out my capsule's color scheme in advance. The pieces I added to the capsule all fit within it and it worked well with what I already owned. Try choosing 2-3 neutrals that you're naturally drawn to and add in 1-2 bright colors that flow well with your neutrals. It works perfectly for any style — whether you're a fan a bright/bold colors or prefer to keep it neutral and muted. 

4. Ditch the doubles

Do you really need three white tees? Four pairs of jeans? Three pairs of flip flops? 

Take stock of what you currently own, and take a bold leap and ditch all of the duplicates. 

5. Rely on a few key statement pieces and keep the rest basic

If you're trying to curate a cohesive wardrobe, especially for spring, sticking to basics that you can wear every day and adding in a few statement pieces like hats, blazers, patterned/wide legged pants, and pop colors is the perfect way to offset the basics and give you endless options for mixing and matching.

Stay tuned Monday for my Spring capsule and info about the new direction my closet is taking. 

How are you detoxing your wardrobe for spring?