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Saya Designs || Turning Heads for All the Right Reasons

Beauty has always been a fluid concept to me. I believe beauty can be found in nearly every situation. Maybe I just prefer to see the good, rather than the bad, but when it comes to my own beauty, I (like most women) can be far more critical. 

I'd more readily compliment a woman I sit next to in a coffee shop than accept the same compliment from my husband or, worse yet, a stranger. The line between objectification and appreciation is a fine one, and at times, I'd rather not be "seen" or "appreciated" than risk being  "too much".

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Ethical Holiday || Gift Guide For Kids

The last of my gift guides for the year has been the most fun to put together. It's possible that kids are even harder to shop for than men, especially if you're trying to do so ethically. Although I try to always keep our Christmas gifts (very) simple and affordable for my two girls, I went a bit over the top with this guide. I include gifts for a wide age range and an even wider range of budgets ;) 

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Introducing Kennebecker || A Bag That Multi-Tasks As Much As You Do

Don't worry, this isn't just another "purse review". Sometimes, I feel like blogging is really just promoting one handbag after another. I've reviewed two others in the history of my blog (which, really, isn't that insane), and each one is ingeniously designed by brands that I've researched, interviewed, and ultimately, respect and recommend. 

I'm not a "purse person" (say that ten times fast...) by nature, but life with two toddlers and with a job that requires me to be prepared to work from almost anywhere, means that a sturdy, sizeable, versatile tote is a must. 

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