3 Simple Ways To Minimize Your Life


1. Know Your Intention:

Living a simple and minimal life goes so much deeper than thinking you have to rid of all of your belongings and pitch a tent in the mountains, although that does sound like the perfect little life. Living simple is about intentionally making the decision to part ways with the things you feel no longer serve any purpose. You need to have the mindset of quality over quantity. Just take a second to think to yourself... do have things that you haven't used in over a month? Do you have multiples of something in different colors but you couldn't pass it up because it was just too cute? Trust me, I know the feeling. Until I took a step back and realized that I was surrounded with so many "things" but still had an empty feeling, which led me to buying more because I thought that in doing so, I would fill that "void" or "hole" or emptiness I was feeling.

So, be intentional with WHY you want to simplify and make sure you're doing it because it's going to help you put your energy towards what's really most important, whether that be more time with family or picking back up on a hobby you haven't done in years or trying something new. Something to get you connected again with nature and those who matter most.

2. Get Rid Of Unnecessary Items:

Obviously, a part of simplifying and minimizing is getting rid of things you just DO NOT use. We tend to develop emotional attachments to 'stuff' because society has dug it into our brains that we are basically nothing without owing tons of things. Don't let stuff define you as a person. You are not that $400 Kate Spade purse and you are not that $100 pair of sunglasses. All that money you're spending on materialistic things could be used for something so much more important, like a vacation or road trip, renovating your house, or saved and put away for an investment. If you haven't used it at least twice in 30 days, get rid of it. If you haven't worn something in 2 weeks, get rid of it. If it's been sitting there collecting dust or you've just forgotten you own it, get rid of it.

3. Create White Space

And by this I mean, a clear space in your home where you can go and relax and not have to stress or worry about your day or events that have happened previously. Living minimally includes your relationship, mindset and day to day events. Use this as your sacred space. Only allow positive energy and keep the decor as simple as possible, but that doesn't mean it can't be cozy. Make it a space of purity and cleansed air. Make sure before stepping into this space you are not carrying in any negativity.
Also, you want to make sure you are completely unplugged in this space. Keep all electronics out. Part of living simple is learning to take time away from your phone, laptop, TV, and internet. Just breath, and slowly get back to yourself.