Slow Fashion Feature || Zuri Collection

Although my passion for shopping ethically started with clothes, as I ventured deeper into conscious purchasing, I realized that it couldn't just stay in one area of my life (ie. my closet) and not affect the rest of it. 

I began researching how to shop ethically for things like beauty products, home decor, food, and more and while it's overwhelming, it's also inspiring to discover so many brands who are making change happen one hand-crafted product at a time. 

Zuri Collection is one such brand that offers a wide variety of items, and makes a huge impact while they're at it. 

It all started in 2013 when Zuri's founder, Abby, travelled to Tanzania to be a teacher. During her stay, she noticed first hand how difficult it is for many women to support their families or make a fair living wage, and she wanted to do something about it. With the knowledge that "purchase power" is real and can have unbelievable impact on the economies and lives of countless people, she decided to found a company that used fashion and quality made goods as a vessel to employ these Tanzanian women. 

Now, a year later after Zuri Collection's launch, Abby is providing seamstresses and artisans in Tanzania with a marketplace to sell their goods and be paid a fair wage. Each piece in her collection is handmade be it a skirt, a woven wall hanging, a handbag, or a gorgeous bracelet (you'll get to see some sneak peeks of the collection in a bit!)

I chose the Single Spiral Black Wall Hanging because I'm hoping to slowly begin transitioning my home decor to ethically made (and more unique) pieces. This is my first step in that direction and I'm so excited.

I haven't fully decided on a place for it to hang yet, unfortunately, but I want to find the perfect spot for it. With our housing situation being a bit up in the air I'm resisting the urge to revamp my entire house while we are waiting for it to sell, so I've decided to be patient instead. 

But, as you can see, the detail in this weaving is gorgeous. It feels soft to the touch, yet sturdy, easily doubling as a decorative bowl (though I'm planning to hang it on the wall out of the reach of my toddlers ;).

And here's a quick peek into a few of the other items Zuri Collection currently offers. I'm in love with the clutches and her skirts are so unique and fun to style. 

Shop my picks || Bosco Clutch ($68), Dorice Pencil Skirt ($68), Beaded Leather Cuff ($115)

Supporting Zuri Collection directly supports the women that Abby is working tirelessly to employ, so if you're looking to upgrade your home decor, buy an eye catching skirt, or a piece of beautifully made jewelry, make Zuri your new go-to. 

And, once I find a home for my wall hanging, I promise I'll share ;)