Slow Fashion Feature || Awaken: Fashion for Freedom

Dressember 2016 may have ended, but my passion for supporting brands who are making a difference for victims of human trafficking remains the same. I first heard about Awaken through a friend on Facebook. It turns out that the owner and designer behind the brand, Emily, and I grew up in the same small mountain town, and didn't even know it. When I saw her kickstarter video shared on my timeline, I knew I wanted to get involved. The clothes Awaken designs are unique, their process is fair trade, and they're working hard to make a better life for women impacted by human trafficking in Bangkok, Thailand. 

Awaken was founded in 2008 by Emily and her husband in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. They've traveled multiple times to their production partner NightLight in Bangkok and work closely with the women who make their clothing. NightLight provides a safe workplace and fair wages for women who have been rescued or are at risk of being trafficked.

Emily's deigns are unique — each piece containing something unexpected, whether it's an open back, a metal embellishment, reversible detail, or small leather pieces. I received her cotton open back tee shirt, denim skirt, and Aom scarf — all of which are perfect for spring and will be gorgeous additions to my spring capsule wardrobe that I can't stop dreaming about.  

The cotton top is slightly sheer, with a deep back and a gorgeous ring detail that I never would have thought to add to my wardrobe. It's understated and beautiful and I can't wait to wear it out when the weather warms up! 

Here's the catch though, Awaken's Kickstarter campaign ends in just TEN days. They've almost raised their goal of $7,000, but in order for them to receive the money they need to provide more jobs to women at NightLight, they need to raise their entire goal. It's all or nothing. 

In Emily's words, "Awaken believes that great products are the foundation for creating sustainable long term work for women leaving a life of and philanthropy have collided and its marriage is full of change and possibility." 

If that isn't a mission to stand behind, I don't know what is. 

Awaken's heart to help give women a fresh start is inspiring and with such a short window of time left to help make it happen, there's no time like the present to leave your mark on a brand that's committed to making a difference. 

Donate to their Kickstarter campaign here! Even a few dollars can go a long way. 

What is your favorite piece from the Awaken collection? I'm having a hard time picking just one....