Stories of Dressember || Tami

**The following words are written by a guest author- not my own. I'm honored to use my platform as a place for other women and men to share their stories of what freedom means and why they're participating in Dressember. The following is a personal, authentic account. 

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I am participating in Dressember because my daughter asked me to.  I chose to participate because of a relationship. I have the choice to be informed.

I have the choice to listen, to read, to understand, to give, to think about what it means to be respectful and caring. I have the choice to wear or not wear a dress.

 I am privileged with the ability to make choices every day.

I told my daughter- “okay- I’ll be on your team, but I’m not going to wear a dress every day- that’s a bit much for me.” Dec. 1st came, and I put on my dress. As I dressed I began to think about women who do not have a choice about what to wear.

 I began to think about women who have children and do not have the means to feed and care for them. As I dressed I began to think that perhaps wearing a dress doesn’t do any tangible good immediately; however, I did pray for those exploited in the sex industry.

 I began to pray for those that do not have the freedom of choice, women and men who are exploited and preyed upon. This month of celebrating Christmas, where Christ came into a hopeless world and said  “This needs to change” and began and continues to bring change- He did something.


I can and need to do something…. I can pray. I can think more about others. I can do and am doing something. My choice of clothing is doing something in me.

I am praying. Each day I put on a dress or skirt, I pray. I did not do that until this month. I would pray on occasion, but now I think about freedom for the exploited every single day.

I am grateful for the prompting of my daughter and I am now in a relationship with those who have no choice...yet! (P.S. I’m going to wear a dress the whole month )

Words by: Tami, Pullman, WA