Slow Fashion Feature || Conrado

These pieces remind me of the ocean. When I'm wearing them — even though I live in the exact middle of the country, as far away from either ocean as I could — I feel calm, powerful, and sure of myself. Conrado, the shop behind these incredible designs, is meant to take your from "city to beach," so the feeling the pieces evoke is intentional. 

Conrado 1

Angela, the owner and designer of Conrado, uses deadstock fabric sourced from her travels to create each and every design in her shop. This means that each piece isn't only ethically sourced and sewn, but they're all limited editions — once the fabric has run out, the style is gone. It also means that, had Angela not picked the fabric up and given it new life, it would have most likely ended up in a landfill somewhere.  

Her pieces are unique, feminine, and perfect for everyday wear or to be dressed up for special occasion — whether you have a beach to explore or not. 

I want to show just how versatile these pieces are through the outfits I've styled in this post. I talk often about investing in pieces that can be mixed into at least 3 different outfits, or they're not worth the purchase. My Conrado pieces hit the nail on the head. In fact, I'm having trouble not wearing them all at once because of how well they flow with what I already own. 

Scroll to the bottom for an exclusive discount code for 30% off a Conrado piece of your very own. 

But first, take a look at how gorgeous these designs are. 

First up, the Jasmine Tunic and the Casey Sweater Robe:

Both pieces can be worn as dresses or cardigans, which opens up an amazing amount of combinations. Here are a few ways I've styled them. This week we've had Winter and Spring at our doorstep and the versatility of these pieces allow me to mix them with heavier or lighter pieces to my heart's content. 

I won't lie — at first, I was skeptical that I could pull these off. And after looking at the photos, I probably should have ironed them first. Sorry mom.

But after pairing them with my Amour Vert turtleneck from IMBY, I was sold. The golden color is rich and the fabric is so comfortable that it literally feels like I'm wearing sweatpants. I can't wait until the weather warms up so I can pair these pants with a crop top or tee. Oh, the possibilities! 


Now, as promised, your discount code. Angela has offered all SL&Co. readers 30% off at checkout on any pieces that aren't pre-sale or from the Spring/Summer collection using the code OLIVIA30. 

Take a look at her shop and fill a few gaps in your closet with this generous discount! Which piece is your favorite from her collection?