My Spring Capsule Wardrobe


I was SO ready to bring out my Spring capsule, friends. As much as I loved my pieces from Winter, I was more than ready to switch things up once March 1st rolled around. I went for less pieces with even more possibilities (ie: super classic and basic pieces that work well with any outfit and can easily be dressed up or down). For this capsule, I tried to focused on a color scheme as I chose my pieces- white, navy, blush, grey and black (with some others thrown in here and there). It feels very fresh and Spring-y to me and I'm so inspired to create outfits.

Most of the pieces I carried over from other capsules or had been saving for this seasons' capsule. The ones I bought new are marked with an asterisk, in case you're wanting to see how I reuse pieces each season. I also discovered a secret to buying awesome clothes for a great price- INSTAGRAM, folks. Ever since opening my own Instagram closet, I've become obsessed with shopping them (only when needed of course). The pieces I've found on Instagram are marked as such. 

The links I included beneath each set of photos will take you to the exact piece, or a similar one. Some of the older items I couldn't find exact matches for, but I did my best to find ones that have a similar style. 

I wanted to share this post last week, but they are always way more time consuming than I anticipate. BUT, better late than never ;) 

Tops: 11

Embroidered Tank* || American Eagle (INSTAGRAM FIND from @pennythrift), Lace Tank* || TJ Maxx (similar),  Striped V-Neck* || American Eagle, White V-Neck* || American Eagle, Rust V-Neck || H&M,  Red and White Striped Top || Stitch Fix, Grey Pullover* || American Eagle, Pink Lace Long Sleeved Top || Forever 21, Striped Long Sleeve || H&M, Blue and White Button-up* || TJ Maxx, Chambray || Target

Bottoms: 6

Dark Wash Skinnies || H&M, Grey Skinnies || Gap, Distressed Denim || Kohls, Linen Pants (old) || Kohls, Black Skirt (old) || Rue 21, Distressed Shorts *|| Forever 21

Dresses: 4

Blue Embroidered Dress * || Entro (INSTAGRAM find from @radiantlifecloset), Grey T-Shirt Dress *|| Tj Maxx, Floral Dress* || Forever 21, Black Dress || Target

Outerwear: 3

Blue Short Trench* || TJ Maxx, Floral Kimono || Old (similar), Jean Jacket || Target

Are you using a capsule wardrobe this Spring? Share your links with me in the comments! I'd love to see. 

As always, I'm here to help if the thought of simplifying your closet and/or creating a capsule wardrobe intimidates you! It's a tedious process, but one I'm oh so passionate about! Check out my Capsule Consulting page to book your consultation today!