Letters To Mara (8 Months) || Evie-isms


Sweet little girl, 

Every time someone asks me how old you are, I have to do a mental double take. Because HOW IN THE WORLD ARE YOU ALREADY EIGHT MONTHS?! It seems like you were just a tiny newborn snuggled up on my chest. 

But we're far past your newborn days, my love. You're crawling now (more like army crawling, but you're finally starting to get your legs in there too). You're eating anything and everything in sight. Baby-led weaning is kind of the best thing ever and I'm so glad we're going that route with you too. You still have zero teeth, which I think it strange, but they're not that important anyway. So we can push teething off as long as you'd like. 

As always, you're as happy, bubbly and social as I wish I was most days. You're getting a sweet spot for your daddy, which makes his heart happy. 

You love playing "games" with Evie- especially in the car. And by games, I mean Evie squaking really loudly at you to make you laugh and you shaking your head like a crazy person because it's the only way you know how to express your silliness. 

I love it though because it gives me a sweet glimpse into the future when the two of you will be best friends (in my imagination, at least) and make each other laugh for real. 

I love you little Mara. 


Evie-isms || 28 months

- Earlier this month, you looked at a picture of your Daddy and I, said, "Mommy. Daddy" and after a little pause added, "that's CUTE!"

- You've pooped on the "big girl potty" a total of three times. We're slowly doing it, child. (Sorry, not sorry).

- Your outfit of choice is nothing except your snowboots. And maybe one of Daddy's hats to top it off. 

- You can recognize the letter "E", "O" and "M" and the number 5 . 

- You call everyone "honey".